Sprout Social-Pros and Cons

General features
Sprout Social listens and monitors the Social media, filtering out noise and spams, with a well-organized dashboard and Mobile App. Sprout Social publish optimized content to the targeted audience. Its feature of Analytics includes competitor analysis, Visual Graphs, etc. It provides Account Management by managing restricted privileges and permissions to users. It identifies targeted engagements by prioritization and interaction histories. It has multiple channel integration like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Sprout Social facilitates Content Marketing and Lead Generation. It accesses relevant contact details to provide personalized responses to incoming messages. It also helps schedule mass content with bulk scheduling options.
Newer Innovations
Smart Inbox unifies all networks and profiles into a single stream to monitor incoming messages. Bot Builder creates automatic Chatbots to quickly respond to incoming messages. It gives Message Spike Alerts to notify time-sensitive events. Review management feature manages reviews across Facebook etc. to strengthen online reputation. Task Assignment delegates messages to specific team members and manage user’s efficiency based on comparing task assigned with the task completed. Message Tagging feature label and sort messages to easily access communications related to specific workflows, business objectives and marketing strategies. Team Reports analyzes the quick responses to social messages in various time frame. Help desk Integration creates, track and manage support issues without leaving the Sprout platform.
Why use it?
Sprout Social provides efficient, time-saving Management. It facilitates Effective Analysis of the market. It creates strong relationships on social media. Sprout Social provides quick customer support.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Business users believe that Sprout social provides robust Analytics across all social media platforms. Sprout Social is good for scheduling social media posts in advance. All Social media channels at one place making promotions easier in Sprout Social. It works great while responding directly on tweets and posts within Sprout Social platform. It’s easy to monitor number of posts, increase in followers, engagements and link clicks in Sprout Social.
Needs Improvement
Business users believe that it needs to improve on Instagram Posting. Sprout Social could have more robust media monitoring for all platforms. Its mobile application lacks the full functionality compared to its browser version.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in the market are Falcon.io, Zoho Social, Google Analytics, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.

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