Tiled Sales Enablement-Pros and Cons

General features

Tiled is an online micro apps platform that allows businesses to create interactive micro apps for increasing engagement and provide insights. It allows easily engaging customers, collaborating with teams, and gaining insights. Tiled provides an intuitive builder that imprints interactive elements to user’s design assets such as audio, video, and images. Its analytics suite provides insights that help users understand their audience to initiate meaningful conversations. Tiled allows to Access custom dashboards and analytics around content performance. It also provides content curation Tools to discover, capture, and share third-party content.


Newer Innovations

Tiled provides its users the Best Practices for Organizing and Designing their Content. It delivers interactive content and allows sales teams to understand viewer engagement so they can close more deals. Tiled allows non-developers to create interactive multimedia experiences. It allows businesses to build unlimited private and public micro apps. Tiled allows users to convert static content into interactive micro apps. It also provides key metrics on activities that allows businesses to understand where and when viewers spent the most time. Tiled allows users to upload content from any design tools they are familiar with. 

Why use it?

Tiled is an easy to use solution that makes it easy to engage customers, collaborate with teams, and gain insights in one comprehensive platform.

 Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Tiled allows to present product in an organized and clear manner.

 It’s extremely simple for customers to access the screen sharing feature. 

Its interface is simple to use.

Tiled makes it super easy to find information and leverage it live on phone calls. 

Tiled makes it easy to still achieve the functionality of an app. 

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want it to provide easy learning material and improve bug problems. It would be good to have some scroll bar to scroll through pages.


Similar Products in Industry 


Other Similar products available in market are Seismic, MindTickle, Highspot, Brainshark, Showcase, Bloomfire, Outreach etc.

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