Twilio Send Grid Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Twilio Sendgrid is the leading cloud communication platforms which provides customers with the confidence, scalability and personalize to optimize email campaign. Twilio Sendgrid features also allow marketers to manage campaigns, emails including one time automated email, message, transactional message. Twilio Sendgrid also allow control to improve deliverability and customize the content. Twilio Sendgrid automation and email testing makes life easy provide frustration free workflow and helps in build flawless emails across recurring and automated series, campaign and transactional messages which saves time and helps in drive better personalization. Twilio automation campaign helps in meet email marketing goals and gain efficiency which engage recipients over time effectively. Twilio offers new sign up forms with the help of which marketer can grow their customer base and create an engaging welcome experience which adds growth to their business and its outcomes. Twilio sendgrid marketing comes with powerful featuring inbox rendering, Spam and link validation which let marketers to blast campaigns and emails with confidence. Marketers, customers can trust that email will reach to recipients inbox as intended and every link in their email is formatted for success. 

Twilio Sendgrid unlock the magic of communication offering such APIs which enables marketers/ customers to do voice, video, chat and email. Twilio Sendgrid global user interface is pretty easy to manage. Twilio Sendgrid marketing tool has light price plan which gives better control on budget. Twilio Sendgrid Marketing Campaign is used by marketers for Personalization, Acquisition, Automation and Engagement.

Newer Innovation

Twilio Sendgrid collects and gathered customer with the help of AI Powered Chatbots to qualify the sales lead. Once lead gets qualify, it easily reach out to salesperson by trigger SMS, email or calls to get in contact with the lead immediately. Twilio Sendgrid helps in customer retention by sending relevant campaigns, messages on the channel based on their preferences. If customer sometimes do not respond to your survey emails then with Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign Voice and SMS Survey campaign APIs, you can easily reach out to your customer and increase the response rate. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign now has pre-integrated with Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Voice and more o you can reach to your customer easily without wasting productive time. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign automation feature schedules email campaign which ensures it should reach it subscribers/customer/users inbox instead of Spam. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign also tracks and monitors email performance with the help of its analytics and reporting feature. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign serves the best in the market industry by sharing their availability and support of 24*7. Twilio Sendgrid integrate and 

Why we use Twilio SendGrid Marketing Campaign?

Twilio Sendgrid Marketing Campaign offers authentication compliance and deliverability to its customer with flexible email API to increase customer engagement. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign has Facebook, Instagram and Google Display Ads which helps in managing campaign from one platform without wasting time and jumping to other application and can target your Ads. Twilio Sendgrid Marketing Campaign integration took three lines of code and about 30 seconds. Twilio Sendgrid Marketing Campaign is a world class platform delivers more then 45 million/month. Twilio Sendgrid marketing campaign has email validation API which validates the email address before sending. Twilio Sendgrid Marketing Campaign optimizes signup experience and bounce fewer emails which builds sending reputation. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry’s positive comments is that Twilio Sendgrid helps in reaching and engaging more number with newsletter and email campaigns. Twilio Sendgrid integrates easily and seamlessly with CRM, PCR, Clickfunnels. Twilio Sendgrid’s ability to schedule email delivery which manages to keep emails away from Spam. Twilio Sendgrid has easy to use interface. Twilio Sendgrid email builder is easy to use which helps in sending emails directly from the system. Twilio Sendgrid allows to manage multiple list, allows storing and managing contacts which is easily affordable by marketers and sales team. Twilio Sendgrid provides easy to read analytics of email campaigns. Twilio Sendgrid allows to import large contact lists at once which other platforms often offers. Twilio Sendgrin has extremely simple and easy UI/UX and intuitive as it offers creating emails via HTML editor or drag or drop, manage unsubcriber list and even helps in viewing KPIS Dashboard on emails and other categories. Twilio Sendgrid has exceptional delivery rate. 

Needs Improvement

Twilio Sendgrid although offers some best features but it somewhere needs improvement to become a world class leaders as compared to its competitors. Twilio Sendgrid API documentation is bit confusing, it should be improved so that developer can use its API more skilfully. All the Twilio sendgrid services can be accessed through different URLs and thus there is no centralized dashboard. Twilio Sendgrid integrated WordPress plugin is buggy although it will get resolved in coming time. Twilio Sendgrid should integrate Google Tag Manager so that tracking up with user website with it becomes easy and compatible.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Klaviyo, Intercom, Mailchimp, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Bronto, AWeber, ActiveCampaign, Emma, Litmus, iContact. 

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