UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation-Pros and Cons

General Information
UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation is the most advanced Enterprise #RPA Platform, built for business and IT. It features three main products, UiPath Studio, UiPath Robot and UiPath Orchestrator. The features include automation opportunities, powered by AI, Task Mining,drag-and-drop option with a library of over 300 pre-built automation. Collaborative; built for sharing, visual debugger highlights errors and displays message incorporating custom VB.NET, Python, AutoHotkey, JavaScript, PowerShell, and Java code, Modular architecture, AI Computer Vision, Leverage Custom AI Skills, Automated  process  discovery  tools. Multiple type workflow to build automation workflow. It also includes recorder functionality.
Newer Innovations in the UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation
The latest innovations bring in enriched attended automation experience in the new attended automation activities, Salesforce integration, IT automation activities, Orchestrator Mobile App. More innovations include Integrated ML and forecasting, Integrated ML and forecasting localization user screen, easy design pop-ups with the new  Callout activity are the various other latest innovations.
Why we use UiPath RPA Robotic Process Automation
With UiPath, automation can be done quickly on Windows desktop. It is used to automate repetitive and redundant tasks and eliminates human intervention. It is one of the top tools to learn RPA, and it does not require any knowledge of programming languages to implement RPA. Better customer experience and increased compliances.
Industry positive comments
The positive feedbacks include easiness in implementation. It does not require any coding experience. The Ui Path tool also provides free certification for RPA. The smooth frontend is the best highlight of this platform. The capability to reduce the workload of human makes it a great attraction. Uipath RPA is one of the best e-learning materials for every user.
Needs Improvement
The areas of improvement are the need for Auto-start feature for UIRobot.exe. The absence of maximizing option in the edit field, which creates problems. Needs to work on screen scraping. Need more cognitive and AI for upcoming versions and need compatible options for attended automation and citrix automation.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are UiPath RPA|Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism, Pega Platform, Datamatics Trubot, Intellibot , Ninetex RPA, Win Automation by Softomotive, Automate Robotic Process Automation, Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud

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