Wire Drive-Pros and Cons

General Information

Wiredrive is a web-based media manager. It also provides collaboration service that enables different teams to work together. Users do not need to constantly save their work to not lose recent changes.
With Wiredrive, teams can track file activity, such as letting members know when a new video has been uploaded. It streamlines and organizes the workflow by enabling users to review and comment on videos.

It is also a media creation tool, where project members can create presentations, organize slideshows and galleries and share them to clients.
As it is a web-based service so, no installation or download is required.

Newer Innovations in the Wiredrive

Wiredrive makes your work fast with Bulk-tag files using your taxonomy, search, filter, and preview your file instantly and create presentations in seconds.

With one collaboration tool to manage all your media assets, Wiredrive helps you share and collaborate more efficiently. Comments and approvals are logged, time-stamped, and exportable making it easy to provide feedback and track approvals.

Why we use Wiredrive ?

Wiredrive supports workflows that allow for content modification.
It simplifies and streamlines your workflows and Automates workflows and enhances team creativity.
Tags images automatically and uses facial recognition which saves your valuable time.
In addition to that it is also a powerful media creation tool, where you can instantly make presentations and preview them.

Industry Positive Comments
Some customers said that with Wiredrive they can easily build and maintain media library and it provides great option to customize the user experience for all the members.
They love the reel statistics and analytics data, they are key metrics in our daily analysis of our sales and business. Giving feedback is just as easy, we can even add the specific timestamp so the teammates know which specific part of the clip they can still improve on.

Needs Improvement

Some customers think that the process of uploading files on Wiredrive can still be trimmed down. It should be cut down from two to one step process. It should also notify the user when someone views your video.
It should also add a edit-all function, right now, we have to edit each video individually to roll out a minor change.

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