Work fusion Intelligent Automation Cloud-Pros and Cons

General Information
The fully automated platform with artificial intelligence (AI) built for the enterprise. It is a user-friendly and configurable robot with cognitive automation software. The main features Judgement Automation, Automated Worker Management, Applications Automation, Drag-and-Drop Function and Digitization. The Optical Character Recognition, Process-Level Automation, Customized Automation Rules, Automated Model Training and Automation Lifecycle Management are the various feature incorporated into this platform.

Newer Innovations in Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud
The newer version of Workfusion are Recorder captures user actions, No-code RPA, Drag-and-drop builder, Desktop and Web Automation, Centrally managed robotic process automation. The latest innovations also were made in Multiple concurrent bots, Tasks scheduling, monitoring and routing (24×7), Secure bot credentials, Full machine learning capabilities and Advanced analytics and workforce insights.

Why we use Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud
The need to choose Workfusion is that this platform reduces the day to day operation cost. It is a freeware which supports automating backend processes. It helps to develop a simple bot that will execute successive actions on the web. It is a market leader in intelligent automation.

Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedback is that it is an excellent tool to start the implementation of rule-based automation. It is an easy to use platform with significant innovations. Excellent customer support and learning space make it unique. It’s good software with no training or reading documentation required. It provides the best features for screen scraping and desktop application. It is a fast and robust platform for building complex pipelines
Needs Improvement
The areas of improvement are Integration and functionality should be made better. Need for more activities when compared to other options. Need to provide more scope for various application integration by default. The need for Search to be added for the Action Library window. Need to improve the speed of the complete suite.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Automation Anywhere, UiPath RPA |Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism, Pega Platform, Datamatics Trubot, Win Automation,Ninetex RPA, Automate Robotic Process Automation, Intellibot.

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