Workable Recruitment-Pros and Cons

General Features

Workable is one of the most popular hiring software it allows millions of candidates to see your job post. Workable recruitment marketing automatically posts your job to 200+ job sites and ensures the applications come in and add them to your pipeline. Workable allows searching your requirement with 400 million candidate profiles users can filter from it to select your desired candidate. Workable with its referral platform automatically sends notifications to employees about the new openings and helps them to share opportunities and get the rewards of referrals. Workable provides mobile-friendly application forms which makes it easy for the candidate to access from anywhere and allows scheduling interviews. Workable team collaboration makes communication easy with teammates and gets regular updates about the hiring; it allows the hiring team to ask consistent questions and feedbacks with many tools available in one click. Workable applicant tracking manages hiring plans, custom pipeline and manages the team with their roles. Workable ensure about the hiring data is safe in any case as it is ISO Certified and ensures employee privacy and security training to manage the most valuable assets. Workable sends automated reports which are data-driven which are easy to understand with its tools. The workable recruiting dashboard keeps a check on your pipeline health at every stage and position. Workable with its integrations provides 40+ tools to help in hiring users can also connect with email apps in just one click. A workable support system provides complete training to onboard with the platform also ensures to assist with your questions for new users and add them to the hiring team.   

Newer Innovation

Workable has introduced a new feature Native Video Interview as a premium tool that is a one-way assessment to screen the candidate remotely. It creates a custom interview with a deadline where candidate response is screened and evaluated with the hiring team to make an informed decision. Workable has changed the tab name “Hiring Team” to “Team Members”, “Assessments” to “Workflow” and has redesigned the interface to introduce a feature video interview to a pipeline stage. Workable now put a requisition on hold if recruitment is paused and shares the report for the time spent on hold. Workable has made changes on edit requisitions; now fields that are edited or changed will be sent with the highlights for the approver focus. The workable platform is now available with other languages as well as Spanish, French, German, Greek and Portuguese to enrich its candidate’s experience. Workable is now integrated with Speexx and Zinc which does the candidate background checks, reference checks, educational verification, pre-employment check to confirm their validity else it may affect business repute and brand name. Workable has made its integration with one of the best sourcing tool Workshub which extends the search of candidates to find the best fit for the organization. The workable campaign now helps in building your brand with Auto and Custom option enable you to enter your text, upload own image, add your logo for your Ad campaigning; manage Facebook and Instagram campaign with a new app. It also has the option to add your privacy policy link. 

Why we use Workable?

Workable with its intuitive interface connects thousands of right people with the right information and easily search candidates. It engages, empowers everyone with its powerful top-rated mobile app within a few clicks. Workable helps in making informed decisions with its interview kits, scorecards. Workable ensures that users can sit back relax and can even sleep well with zero stress as they know their data is in safe hands. It is ISO certified with 99.8% uptime. Workable is all-in-one recruiting software that streamlines the recruitment process with simple clicks, being whatever the organization size. Workable now has Interview Mocha as its assessment partner which chooses 1000+ skill sets to assess candidates, identify potential candidates.  

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are Workable makes it easy to add team members in the tool and its very user-friendly that they can use it without the training. Workable allows us to save the job posts and reuse it also can be changed later. Workable integration is so easy to integrate with emails and calendars which saves a lot of time in recruiting. Workable is so customizable with its dashboard set up users can change it easily to meet their needs. Workable has a wonderful customer support system efficient and fast response.

Needs Improvement

Workflow provides many great features but it is not much robust as compared to the other software available in the market. Workflow allows searching candidates but it is not accurate as per the requirement, also it would be nice if it allows open job post to be shared directly to social media. Workflow doesn’t have the option of built-in requisition approval user can add co-workers but there is no approval process. Workflow should allow keyword search function in the candidate resume to save the time and check the required skill.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Workday HCM, Breezy HR, Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Lever, PageUp, Linkedln Talent Hub, Zoho Recruit, Greenhouse, SmartRecruters, JazzHR 

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