Zen Desk Chat-Pros and Cons

General Information

Zendesk chat allows us to embed a chat widget on our site, and when someone visits the website, we get a chance to engage them via a live chat. At the Zendesk dashboard, we get important client information like which page the client utilizing the live chat is at.

Zendesk has automated tickets, option for speaking to multiple customers at a time, friendly interface. Its templates can be modified and can set customized shortcuts. Zendesk has option to see missed chats. Its pop-out chat for easier UI experience and also offers a Google translate integration

Newer Innovations in the Zendesk Chat

There is option to take the chat that has been waiting for the longest. The function to easily create new macros, see user’s information in real time and organize the structure of your support team is great.

With Zendesk we can check the registration of user visits, can block certain chat users which we think is spam and can do recording all of the feedback and tickets in one concise place. It help us to easily communicate with the team worker and screen sharing are very easy to use in a group.

Why we use Zendesk Chat?
Zendesk Chat offers a great basic tool for chat support, you are able to set chat hours, notifications, triggers/automations, macros. Its features like pop-out chat for easier UI experience, very user-friendly interface, option good data collection for reports and troubleshooting and Google translate integration are great.
If you are a company that communicates with clients a lot and conducts live chat client service regularly, Zendesk chat is all you need. With this great tool, you will easily have your clients flocking to you for assistance with various problems.We can manage not only the users but also the support staff managing roles, permissions or assigning them to different categories or levels of support

There is mobile apps for both android or ios.

Industry Positive Comments

Customer commented that it helped in increasing conversion rates, they are able to chat in real time with their customers, ease of use for this software is amazing. For SMEs, its fantastic and mobile app is a huge plus. The self-help service portal is available 24/7
Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement its important functions are found only in the high premium, chat support are not directly integrated into a single dashboard and cannot edit a message once its been sent. Also free plan has limited features. The UI is not very good.

Similar Products in the Industry

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