ZipRecruiter-Pros and Cons

General features
ZipRecruiter is a leading online employment marketplace powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven smart matching technology to actively connect millions of employers and job seekers. When recruiter posts a job on ZipRecruiter, it also gets automatically posted on over 100 job boards. Most of these are smaller or niche boards, such as,, and many more. The resume database is a powerful tool that helps you to find and filter through millions of resumes to get the best matches for your job posts.
ZipRecruiter allows to add screening questions to job post. This helps recruiter save time and see only the most qualified candidates. It scans thousands of resumes and find candidates with the right skills, qualification, and experience for the job and actively invites them to apply. It also notifies recruiter with email every time a candidate applies to one of their posted jobs. The viewer empowers you to move easily back and forth between a applicant’s resume, cover letter, and answers from the screening interview.
The Candidate dashboard tool let you review & filter candidates. You can filter candidates by job, rating, application date, label and status. ZipRecruiter lets you expand your reach to even more candidates and share your job opening on your social media accounts like LinkedIn, Facebook, GooglePlus etc. It also has a mobile application that let you post and manage jobs while you are on the go.
Other Features
ZipRecruiter jobs dashboard let you manage your active, draft and closed job postings. While activity dashboard let you see a simple set of commonly used actions. ZipRecruiter provides you TrafficBoost job performance report. This helps you view how much traffic your Job Ad receives by criteria such as the total visitors, candidates, and the conversion rate.
ZipRecruiter candidate calibration tool is AI-powered matching technology, lets employers provide feedback about what kinds of applicants they like—before applicants apply—so they get better matches for their jobs. The Job Widget feature allows you to just copy and paste a snippet code on to your website to display all of your ZipRecruiter positions on your website.
ZipRecruiter let you add your job logo and change the colors of your ad pages to match.
Why use it?
ZipRecruiter is easy to use job-board, where millions of job posts are available with a single click. It simplifies hiring process and makes it more affordable and faster. It is powered by AI-driven smart matching technology and display the most relevant jobs to maximize your earning potential. The tool is mobile optimized, and allows users to post a job or search and apply job with a single tap using their mobile. ZipRecruiter’s seamless integrations, gives recruiter access to over 100 job boards where they can post their jobs opening and look for the most relevant and talented candidate. It opens plenty of opportunities for job seekers to search their position due to the multiple companies that use this platform to post their vacancies.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers likes that all information are saved on profile that make it quick and easy to apply multiple jobs. ZipRecruiter mobile application makes it very convenient to search and apply jobs, check updates and return messages in timely manner. Also, the platform is very user-friendly that makes it easy to navigate and fill in the information requested. It has very attractive design and colors that make us feel like a game.
Customers like the Job Widget feature which allows you to just copy and paste a snippet code on to your website to display all of your ZipRecruiter positions. The 1-Click apply feature is really useful and allows us to quickly apply for multiple jobs at once.
Needs Improvement
Customers dislike that sometimes search result will get a lot of jobs that do not match your query and your background. The rejection process to reject candidates is not as smooth as it could be and require some unnecessary steps to follow. They dislike that some jobs on job openings list don’t exist anymore. Such jobs should remove from job openings list as soon as that position is filled.
Similar Products in Industry
Other job board software products available in market are Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn Job Search, Snagajob, Stack Overflow Jobs, AngelList, Handshake, Co-hire etc.

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