Zoho Social-Pros and Cons

General features
Zoho Social provides ‘One Window Management’ and simplifies your approach to manage social media. The powerful features of Zoho Social, like Bulk Scheduler, Publishing Calendar and Repeat Post, empower uers with all social media publishing tools that business needs. Zoho Social’s Collaboration and Custom User Roles make it easy for you to bring all the members on board to manage social accounts. Smart Monitoring Capabilities help to track relevant social conversations and respond to relevant ones. Automated Targeted Engagements feature helps identify the best segment of people to engage with. Zoho Social also helps audit and logs all the activities of your social window. It presents Statistics and Reports for analytic purposes. Zoho Social is currently integrated with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Chrome & Firefox extensions, and ZOHO CRM.

Newer Innovations
The best part is that it tracks revenue generated from your social media marketing efforts. ZOHO CRM integration generates leads from social media and identifies which social channels bring in maximum revenue.
SmartQ Prediction Engine predicts the best time to post on social channels. ZOHO Desk Integration converts social media updates and engagements into tickets and responds to messages quickly while working with your support team. zShare Browser plugin lets you curate interesting articles. Its Live Streams feature gives real-time updates on incoming engagements. Facebook Lead Ads Integration – connects Facebook leads ads to account to Zoho Social account to collect and monitor leads in real-time. Zoho Social can bring all your clients on to Zoho Social and manage their presence effectively.

Why use it?

Zoho Social provides time-saving Management. It facilitates faster analysis of the trend of the market. Zoho Social promotes an organized approach. It has fast responsive customer support.

Industry’s Positive Comments

It is easy to configure and customizable. Users believe that it is a perfect tool to schedule social media posts. It helps save time in understanding market trends. Zoho Social provides an excellent dashboard for maintaining social media profiles. Some believe that it has quick responsive customer support.

Needs Improvement

It should work on to reduce the learning curve as initially, it takes time to user to understand it thoroughly. More further, interactivity is needed on Facebook. It should provide a check on the validity of incoming traffic.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Social media analytics software products available in market are Falcon.io, AgoraPulse, Sprout social, NetBase etc.

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