Data matic TruBot-Pros and Cons

General Information
TruBot is a single product for Robotic Process Automation. The main features are Visual workflow, Universal Recorder, Low code designing, integrated operations and business analytics. CyberArk vault integration for enhanced security and AI capabilities. The other features include Dynamic Bot station selection, ROI calculator and Proactive bot health monitoring.
Newer Innovations in the Datamatic TruBot
The newer version of includes Detailed designer log, Visual debugging, Modular and reusable process creation with workflows, Versioning of processes, Import of custom components, User definable transaction log, Multi-skilled bot stations. Other new features include RPA analytics for operational KPI’s like Bot station utilization, error etc. Flexible Deployment, Bot execution through external events, Zero bot footprint option, Parameter Management and Real-time status update are other new add-ons to the software.
Why we use Datamatic TruBot
TruBot enables smarter decision making with integrated Cognitive technology. It can handle complex transactions faster and easier. TruBot reads, interprets and comprehends text from different languages. TruBot comes with In-Built Artificial Intelligence.
Industry positive comments
The positive feedbacks are that it’s creating and Scheduling process is excellent. The product is simple to use for developers. Easy to operate the system, superior support services through a vendor team. Advanced features are present to help the user maximize productivity. Efficiently integrated with our Sales platform.
Needs Improvement
The area for improvement is in need of a trial version. Need for more training materials. Lacks key features like designing of bots on your own. Need to make product road map visible to clients. Needs to improve on handwritten document capabilities. Needs more options and advanced features
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Automation Anywhere, UiPath RPA|Robotic Process Automation, Blue Prism, Pega Platform, Intellibot, Ninetex RPA, Win Automation by Softomotive, Automate Robotic Process Automation, Workfusion Intelligent Automation Cloud