Accelo Contract Management Software Pros and Cons

General features

 Accelo provides a cloud based project management software that lets users manage projects. Its sales module is Smart, automated and is specially designed for professional businesses. Accelo provides a CRM platform that effortlessly creates professional client relationships. Its task management feature allows individuals to focus on what they need to do while their task-level changes are automatically reflected in the overall project plan. Accelo’s automated notification feature allows to Alert team when projects are slowing down. its project collaboration feature allows to Make deadlines, run successful projects, and collaborate on everything. Accelo provides an overview of all client services in real-time with its issues dashboard.

Newer Innovations

Accelo provides a built-in sales quoting to expand the customer relationship. Its automatic email tracking allows users to have important client information at their fingertips without having to manually update their sales. Accelo provides an integrated team schedules in one centralized system. It automatically updates in real time, reflecting any inevitable schedule changes. Accelo allows easily collaborating and keep tracking of what’s going on with clients and projects with its Mobile App. It provides many ways to send quotes like pad, email, mail etc. Accelo also provides features like automatic time tracking and flexible invoicing.

Why use it?

Accelo is cloud based software that is easily customizable and adaptable with seamless integrations with leading platforms and combines simple and powerful tools.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Accelo is customizable and effective 

It is a platform that adapts easily and is extremely useful.

It is an excellent time tracking and project managing software.

Accelo is Flexible, customisable and robust platform

It is simple to use and very easy to understand.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want its financial reporting dashboards and profitability reports to be improved. It does not let drag and drop tickets into calendars.

Similar Products in Industry 

Other Similar products available in market are Icertis, Scout RFP, PandaDoc, Conga Contracts, Oneflow, Pramata,, DocuSign CLM etc.

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