Act-on-Pros and Cons


General Features
Act-on foremost feature is Lead generation. Act-on provides a serious market solution. Act-on is known for friendly set up which allows the user to create landing pages and then run effortlessly. Act-On allows users to incorporate social media buttons to emails that are sent from its system. Website and visitor tracking is also a strong suit. Act-on is also a set of social media marketing tools. Act-On also capable to design and implement nurturing campaigns for leads. Act-on is an integrated tons of business system and application result in efficiency and effectiveness. Traffic analysis also helps users to study actions and patterns that occur in their social media channels.
Newer Innovation
A reimagined UX that unifies and simplifies finding and visualizing contact engagement data. Multiple updates to Act-On’s industry-leading native CRM integrations. Act-On’s user experience enhancements include a 360-degree view of contact activities, which is the most used feature of the platform for both Sales and Marketing. It’s now easier than ever for any user to see full engagement, lead scores, account-associated scores, different segments and nurturing campaigns contacts are in, and other key capabilities that can help businesses increase their growth. shorter sync time, customers are instantly notified if there are any configuration errors, so marketing teams are better equipped to proactively maintain their complex martech integration stacks. Act-On’s status of having the most robust native Netsuite integration of any marketing automation provider. Several improvements to the bi-directional native integration.
Why we use Act-On?
Act-On is a marketing automation platform that is developed by digital marketing experts who collaborated on Amazon’s vaunted filtering based recommendation engine. Act-on is a leading marketing automation solution. Build fully responsive emails and landing pages for any device. Act-on is cost effective solution. Deliver campaigns quickly with a simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Act-on is used to Recognize, replicate, and scale programs with ease.

Industry Positive Comment
Email and Landing Page is a positive comment On Act-On. Flexible for different skill level users is another reason to adapt Act-on software. Act-on software easily integrate to CRM. Robust list and contact management allowing complete communication cycle to take place in one place.
Needs Improvement
In case of Act-on there is a weak social media tools. The workflow tool is cumbersome and not as intuitive in Act-on software. Domain connections and domain management functionality is very difficult. In Act-on Building email and landing page templates are difficult which should be improved.

Similar Products in the Industry:
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