Acumatica -Pros and Cons

General Information

Acumatica comes with high-quality reporting capability which enhances users’ results, as well as being able to create custom, professional invoices for e.g. employees. The software allows users to integrate accountant access to make it easier working anywhere possible. Acumatica also comes with an open architecture feature, which allows for overall rapid integration of different functions, tool etc. as well as tracking business income and expenses.

The software allows overall improvement in economy, by having a giving and organization system, as well as being able to track sales and profitability for different locations. Acumatica allows users to create different kinds of jobs with its complex, but useful sandbox environment. Furthermore, it allows users to capture and organize receipts.

Newer Innovations in Acumatica

Acumatica comes with the new innovations of being able to manage more of different contruction processes relating to the development of firms etc. as well as overall improving manufacturing operations. The software also provides AI-powered suggestions for payment due reminders.

Acumatica comes with automated time-off tracking, as well as being able to expand speed and sales in warehouse operations.

With the software, users are also able to get to data entries faster with quick add button.

Acumatica is integrated with the developers’ own tool Acumatica Payroll.

Why we use Acumatica?

The software comes with faster data and easier reports, which is extremely vital for developing businesses overall, as well as being able to change tab visibility and order, allowing more freedom for the user.

Acumatica also has autmoated business processes, as well as a workflow engine, and with this being able to dynamically define different field valid values.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers report that Acumatica is friendly and clean in appearance, and that finding customers for it comes with ease. Acumatica allows users who make a mistake to reverse it simply, adding comfort and time saved. The software also keeps track of inventory, and has consistent screens which makes it more easy to use.

Needs Improvement

Acumatica dissapoints users in areas which includes very poor payroll, as well as it not having forecasting capabilities. The software has a difficult and extensive safety configuration, which might concern users, and also having weak separation of access levels. Acumatica comes with a Chrystal Reports tool, however it requires wide knowledge and experience for it to be used properly.

Similar Products in the Industry

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