Adobe Connect Video Conferencing2-Pros and Cons

General features

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing platform that provides features like video, audio, screen-sharing, polls, chat, and internet calling (VOIP). It provides unlimited and customizable meeting rooms allowing Users to create or style their own meeting room layouts which can be saved. Adobe Connect also allows multiple meeting rooms per user. It provides features like notes, whiteboard and meeting recording to make meeting experience even better.

Newer Innovations

Adobe Connect virtual classroom provides solutions for training and is accessible anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. It provides content authoring tools, rich learner registration capabilities, and powerful learner management and tracking tools to deliver immersive virtual classroom experiences. Adobe Connect allows users to build their own apps to Extend the functionality in the meeting rooms. It allows users to Collaborate anytime, anywhere from iOS or android device. Adobe Connect provide Webinar power tools like ‘Presenter Only Area’ and ‘Prepare Mode’ that enable users to work behind the scenes with other presenters and produce great results. 

Why use it?

Adobe Connect is a flexible, secure, extensible and feature-rich web conferencing platform.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Adobe Connect is more professional looking than the other products on the market.

It is very practical and simple to enter the application and meetings quickly 

It allows the users to gather the members in the same place to train them. 

It is very easy and simple to operate 

Adobe Connect is a versatile multi-device system for handling collaboration

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry find that mobile application for Android has limited functions and could be improved. Its price is very high in compare to other similar platforms. Its scheduling features also could be improved.

Similar Products in Industry 

Other Similar products available in market are UberConference, Skype, Cisco Webex Meetings, Zoom, Cisco Webex teams,, GoToMeeting etc.