Adobe Sign-Pros and Cons

General features
Adobe Sign is an e-signing solution that can automate signing and approvals across your entire organization. After you send a document or PDF for signature with Adobe Sign, you get notifications the moment it’s opened and signed. You can add a document password, replace a signer, strengthen signer identity authentication, cancel a signature process — even if the document is already in process.
The time stamp acts as a securing mechanism for both the signer’s identity and the document itself. Time stamp is provided by trusted and authorized time stamping authority (TSA).
Adobe Sign applies industry-standard security – for identity management, document integrity and data confidentiality to help protect your data, documents and personal information. It can be configured to meet compliance requirements for many industry and regulatory standards.
Adobe Document Cloud solutions partner with leading companies like Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Box, Nintex etc. So, you can track entire process of signing and sending document from within the systems you already use. It meets the highest levels of mobile compliance and assurance to securely send, sign, and manage agreements from web or mobile.
Adobe Sign automatically saves final signed documents and audit trails of every transaction. It verifies signer identity through government ID, knowledge-based authentication, phone authentication. It allows you to create workflow templates by drag and drop that reduce mistakes and streamline the signing process.

Other Features
Adobe sign integrated with Dynamics 365 to let your HR and hiring managers deliver e-signature enabled offer letters directly through Dynamics 365 for Talent. You can add documents as reusable templates so you can quickly collect signatures without starting from scratch every time. Post documents to your website as online forms that your customers, employees, or anyone else can rapidly fill, sign, and submit.
Adobe Sign automatically evaluates the document, and places candidate fields on page where that fields are likely needed. Use mega sign when you want to send one agreement to multiple people to sign, — with a single click.
With Adobe Sign you can easily build your brand by customized the signing process, add your logo, tagline, and welcome message to emails requesting signatures. Our new service is integrated with Braintree, a PayPal service, that makes it easy to collect payments from your customers — right when they fill and sign forms.
The Adobe Sign allows you to control the appearance of the font displayed in the fields of your forms. You can control font type, size, color and justification.
Why use it?
Adobe sign give you faster and better signing experience with less clicks, easy-to-implement workflow design solution. It provides enterprise service and support, at no extra cost, up front, transparent pricing for support, onboarding or integrations.
Adobe Sign keeps expanding list of partner integrations. This provides ability to work within the tools/applications you are already using each day, saves time and greatly improves productivity. Adobe recognized as one of world’s most ethical companies.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comment that Adobe Sign accept payments right within the documents. The data and payment processing are generally very smooth and without errors. They also like the ability to share documents and accounts on holiday with approved signs.
Customers are really happy with MegaSign feature that enables you to use a mail merge system to send out personalized contracts to multiple recipients with a single click. They like preloaded templates make it easy to start a contract draft.
Customers appreciate that previously routed document automatically goes to Adobe sign archive. So they can get it whenever they need it.
Needs Improvement
Customers dislike that, when they modify the agreement using Adobe Sign, the entire agreement goes blank. It is good if you could preview the document and then edit it again without deleting all of your data. Also, there is no way to add in a file that you forgot to add in when you start. You have to start the whole thing over again.
Customers says that Adobe Sign use is limited to 150 transactions per year. Extra costs apply for going over your transaction limit.
Similar Products in Industry
Other E-signature solutions available in market are DocuSign, SignNow, SignEasy, Zoho Sign, SignNow, PandaDoc, E-SignLive, OneSpan Sign, HelloSign, RightSignature, Sertifi etc