Aircal-Pros and Cons

General Information
Aircall is fully automated call centre tool with features for an ideal call centre. The features of the product are Call Routing, Call Monitoring, After-Call Work, Call Center Analytics, Call Conferencing and Call Queuing. The other added features include Call Recording, Blacklist Numbers, Unlimited Concurrent Calls and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
Newer Innovations in the Aircall
Some of the latest innovations in Aircall is that it can instantly create toll-free numbers, International Numbers, Virtual call center, Call Commenting & Assignment and Real-Time Modifications. Many other new features include Ring Groups, Parallel Calls, Time-Based Routing, Desktop Notifications, Business Phone App for Mobile and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
Why we use Aircall
With Aircall, we can get to use the best Omnichannel Call Center and VoIP service. It is an all in one simple solution. It simplifies call center setup process. It has built-in IVR menus and smart routing rules to direct callers. It provides visibility into call center performance with the live activity feed.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks are it is a very user-friendly and easy to use tool. It consistently brings high-quality phone calls. It has a unique call forwarding and app capability. It’s easy to use with great sound quality. It’s set up simple with a beautifully designed UX. It is an excellent system for global telephony.
Needs Improvement
Few improvements are needed in CTI which is still in Beta. The learning curve with voicemails users needs to be outside the Calling Group. Need for a better mobile app for Android users. Need to improve connecting issues of Bluetooth or wired headphones. Need to have personalized flows with the calls.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Genesys Pure Engage, Genesys Pure Connect, TalkDesk, Genesys Pure Cloud, UJET, Aspect Workforce Management, Avaya Aura, Fuze, SAP Contact Center, CallMiner Eureka.