Arena PLM & QMS-Pros and Cons

General Information

Arena PLM & QMS design, produce and deliver innovative products quickly with unified PLM and QMS platform. Arena has developed it products with a principle understanding that modern product companies rely on distributed teams and global supply chains to develop products, ensure regulatory compliance, and respond to customer demands.
With Arena’s proven cloud solutions, user’s internal teams and external partners can leverage the most comprehensive product development platform to accelerate product launches while reducing expenses, increasing profitability, and speeding the time to market. Arena provides evidence-based decision making, helps in transforming inputs/outputs management resources. Arena is capable of handling big data workflows, with easy navigation from one department to another. Arena doesn’t require memorizing codes and can quickly be taught to other coworkers
Suppliers can be notified of changes

Newer Innovations

Arena PLM & QMS tool can be used to have your company ISO certified. Arena, it has the ability to import and export BOM and ECO data for manipulation. Part number management is great and organized, and document searches are quite quick using keywords or phrases.
Item control of information and associations to other items (BoM/Where Used), association to other objects (Quality Processes, Training, Changes, Projects, Requirements, Tickets, Files, etc.) make it easy to follow along to see what is really happening with your product.

Why we use Arena PLM & QMS?

We should use Arena PLM & QMS due to feature like -to understand the responsibility of persons, it identify the interested parties and requirements, plan and prepare documents to be in line with company standards, easy way to get management review. Some of the best feature Arena has it has capability to conduct Internal Audit, helps in getting the ISO certification while auditing and Arena can be used via any web browser.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customer’s comment that Arena team can create an option to filter out items easily customizable for users. it is user-friendly, the interface is consistent and functions fairly quickly, you can look up the entire archive/history of part numbers, very organized and easy to find related documents

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement as it does not provide greater flexibility to data visualization; there are no automated analysis done by the system. In Arena, the changes are time-consuming, require a lot of steps in order to change the document version. Also, there are no pre-set approval paths.

Similar Products in the Industry

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