Audit Board-Pros and Cons

General Information

AuditBoard is a cloud-based platform that is revolutionizing the way various enterprises automate, collaborate, and report in case of risk. It is a platform designed for auditors, by auditors themselves. AuditBoard provides an integrated suite with easy-to-use audit and compliance solutions. It has various clients ranging from industry-leading pre-IFO to Fortune 50 companies wanting to manage their auditing. The AuditBoard platform is pretty user-friendly and intuitive.

Newer Innovations in the AuditBoard

AuditBoard is a fully integrated SOX platform. It helps in operational audits and controls management. AuditBoard suite includes SOXHUB, OpsAudit, Workstream, ERM, and Compliance. It has dashboards which gives the real-time status of outstanding requests.

Why do we use AuditBoard?

AuditBoard multiple features help empower teams to work smart and audit happy. Its post-implementation customer support is great. AuditBoard’s customer support is responsive, understanding and works together to resolve the issues immediately.

AuditBoard implementation is very quick and requires very minor customization to get started. It has audit accountability- the dashboards give 360-degree snapshots of the company’s audit and risk universe.
AuditBoard is extremely helpful in assisting with the roles setup. Sync function has helped in updating workpapers faster, and tracking function helps to know how much more work remains to be seen. AuditBoard’s comment function certainly helps to remember details on specific sections.

It is one of those out of the box platforms where every feature is designed in a way that it would need the least customization for faster and effective use. AuditBoard testing view comes handy at times where you can see due dates and statuses of testing.

Industry Positive Comments

AuditBoard is really user friendly and flexible as well. Its platform is user-friendly and the experience is consistent across all features and allows for easy edits to be made by the user. AuditBoard’s one of the best features is its quick and easy implementation. It has simplified reporting on controls, PBCs, and other issues.

Needs Improvement

Few business users believe that there is a scope for improvement in better organization of files in WorkStream and sometimes the list of permissions required is too confusing and very exhaustive as well. Others also believe that its reporting feature could be enhanced. Few commented that Auditboard should also allow saving passwords. Few suggested that a storage tie-up with Google drive would certainly help.

Similar Products in the Industry

Other products like AuditBoard are Wdesk, HighBond, LogicGate, ETQ Reliance, SAI360, TeamMate, Fastpath Assure, ZenGRC, SAP GRC, and CaseWare IDEA.