Auto TURN-Pros and Cons

General Information

AutoTURN provides the users with the ability to accommodate different vehicle movements, as well as place different vertical simulations. The software also comes with different smart path tools to enhance the quality of work, as well as being able to effortlessly create light rail vehicles as a part of building infrastructure. AutoTURN also comes with different pre-loaded catalogs to choose from.

The software is able to build realistic vehicles to be tested and analysed, as well as turning radii to look more into the geometry. AutoTURN also enables users to drive vehicles freehandedly, as well as use CAD lifework for different pathing. It also comes with the different essentials for intersection design, as well as determining different turning movements and clearances for vehicles.

Newer Innovations in AutoTURN

AutoTURN has in its latest update provided database for all vehicles used in the program, as well as creating advanced animations for clients to be used. The software has also integrated a New License Activation system and new vehicle libraries.

AutoTURN has also been integrated with Bricsys, which adds more extended functionality, as well as ZWSOFT, another tool. The software has also been provided with a new license for the new version of the product, as well as support for the new Windows Server.

Why we use Coveo?

AutoTURN proves to be vital for businesses with its ability to allow businesses to build designs to be then sent forward for use. Furthermore, the software is able to analyse roads and sites, and gain more insight in infrastructures. AutoTURN is also very fast and cheap, which can be crucial for smaller businesses as well as individual users. Users are also able to calculate different curves all the way from small vehicles to airplanes, giving more insights on these areas.

Industry Positive Comments

AutoTURN allows users to easily create custom vehicles, as well as performing quick checks on truck trajectory. Furthermore, the software is overall very smart and intuitive, and it comes with really good utility. AutoTURN also provides its users with good turning movement analysis regarding vehicles.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in enhancements and visuals improvements, which hasn’t appeared for at least 5 years according to a user. AutoTURN also disappoints users regarding it to be hard to change specific properties, as well as it having a poor drive function. Paths are also not very smooth in the software, and it is difficult to handle reverse moments.

Similar Products in the Industry

Auto TURN comes with multiple similar soft wares in the industry, some of which includes Civil 3D, MicroStation, Bentley In Roads, Carlson Civil, Site 3D, City Engine, Water CAD, GeoHE CRAS, Civil Designer and Carlson Survey.