Bentley Inroads-Pros and Cons

General Information

Bentley Inroads provides complete drafting capabilities, as well as it coming with powerful mapping tools. The software comes with design automation, as well as being able to process and create surface models for topographic features. Inroads also provides graphical template development

The software allows users to build full templates, render tools, text editing tools and managing multiple profiles. Inroads comes with the ability to do multiple infrastructure-related projects.

Newer Innovations in Inroads

The software gives to ability to import station and offset information, as well as View Stationing. Inroads comes with Cross Section ASCII Report as well as Roadway Designer, which allows multiple merge points to select.

The software has added horizontal regression point, which retains description on transfer, and Roadway Designer Component Quantities Summary. Inroads comes with an added command with the name of Triangulate Surface, as well as overall corrected display of alignment points.

Why we use Inroads?

The software allows businesses to implement multiple different infrastructures, as well as quickly being able to process 3-dimensional surveys. Inroads also comes with graphical template development is included as well, which is considered to be interactive between companies. Furthermore, easy and effective profile creation and editing is also provided.

Industry Positive Comments

Inroads overall is easy to navigate as well as being very efficient, and also being extremely user friendly. The software also comes with easy and effective alignment and allows profile creation and editing. Inroads also doesn’t require a lot of computer sources to run.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in poor sync with Microstation, another company, and it being difficult to navigate and understand different processes. Inroads still requires many updates, which is also due to poor menu and framework arrangement, as well as coming with multiple glitches and crashes

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