Business Process Digitalization – As a managed service

As organizations grow, they need to unify people, functions, systems, applications, workflows and information becomes critical for managing complex problems, adapting to change and remaining customer focused. Business Process Automation Consulting provides methods to address this need through technology and automation. CIO HOUSE’s BPM Service delivers superior customer experience with increased operational efficiency, agility and control. 

How can we help? 

  • Our DPA Consulting Service is designed to identify, conceive, construct and execute organization-wide BPM strategies that help you: 
  • Discover and Design customer-centric business process for customer acquisition, unified customer experience and customer service request management 
  • Develop and Deploy process solutions through automation, intelligent rules and optimized processes for organization-wide transformation 
  • Improve Business Processes to respond quickly to changing customer and market needs 

BPM suites have become an important catalyst for continuous customer focus. Our BPM Consulting Service includes: 

  • DPA Orientation Workshop 
  • Process Automation Needs Assessment 
  • Business Process Analysis and Process Maturity Assessment 
  • Process Design, Modeling and Prototyping 
  • BPM/Business Rules Management (BRM) Strategy Design and Roadmap Development 
  • Process Rationalization and Improvement 
  • Continuous Improvement Roadmap and Planning 
  • Enterprise Process Architecture 

Our Technology Consulting and Service includes: 

  • BPM/BRM Product Evaluation 
  • Rules Harvesting 
  • BPMS/BRMS Health Assessment 
  • Architecture Assessment and Design 
  • Process Implementation and Deployment 
  • BPMS/BRMS Support, Upgrade and Migration 
  • Implementation of Process on CIO HOUSE SAAS Platform or Client’s Server 
  • Implementation of process on other platform, with managed PMO services, on demand 
  • Enable training for key users, on demand 
  • Transition Management, on demand 


  • Operational Efficiency: Improve existing processes to align with business outcomes, eliminate manual hand-offs, establish ownership and enable seamless execution 
  • Agility: Improve ability to change and adapt processes quickly and cost-effectively to respond to market, customer and regulatory demands 
  • Customer Experience Expectations: Meet customer expectations through seamless execution and customer alignment 
  • Better Controls: Manage processes and process outcomes by enabling real-time alerts and notifications 
  • Visibility: Provide real-time visibility into execution of requests to business users, supervisors and customers