Campaigner Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Campaigner Email is a powerful email marketing automation platform which provides customer with its tools that is required to build complex automatic email campaign. Campaigner is a robust solution which can be used by any size of organization: Small, Medium and Large. Campaigner emails has workflow with triggered campaign feature which helps in increasing leads and turn customers into brand advocates. Campaign Email autoresponder feature send instantaneous emails to customer at the right time when they are most engaged with the brand. Campaigner Email also helps in setting up recurring campaigns to schedule campaigns to save team time. Campaign Email enables personalization at every aspect of an email sending to customer by being relevant, reliable with offering real value to the brand and user. Campaign Email segmentation helps in delivering high value targeted messages to subscribers based on their preferences. Campaign Email contains dynamic content feature which helps in customizing almost each and every element of email based on their preference. Campaign Email can also translate email content according to subscriber language preference. Campaigner Email tests every aspects of email campaign to see how subscriber reacts to email campaign before it is sent as it offers Subject line testing, AB testing, From Name testing, Content testing, Delivery time testing. Campaigner Email ensures its deliverability to reach inbox by monitoring spam complaints, remove hard bounce contacts and authentication. Campaigner Email comes with responsive design, templates along with powerful code editor to beautifully customize the landing page. 

Newer Innovation

Campaigner Email has the biggest new feature we have is called conversion tracking as It allows you to directly tie revenue to an email campaign by seeing how a recipient interacts with the email and moves through to purchase, this is on top of its other enterprise features such as segmentation, workflows and our drag and drop builder. Campaigner Email offers dedicated experts help to manage account offering recommendations and tips to get email marketing optimized with speed with best modern practices. Campaigner Email offers seamless migration service to move to its platform from existing email marketing provider which saves time ensuring no data loss. Campaigner Email comes with powerful admin panel which administrates, monitors and helps in edit customer base. Campaigner Email comes with a whitelabeling options. Campaigner Emailer connects to unlimited stores few of them are Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Commerce to create highly personalized email campaigns and relevant templates. Campaigner Email offers powerful management tool like Subscription management with suppression list feature which keeps the subscriber list healthy without deleting contacts.       

Why we use Campaigner Email?

Campaigner Email has delivery experts which helps you in execute email marketing at a scale and helps in ensuring that it reaches to the subscribers email box. Campaign Monitor offer feedback loop feature through which it proactively monitor spam complaints, bounces to ensure that your sender reputation remains positive and reliable. Campaigner Email reporting offers geolocation reports which track by location to see how our email campaign is behaving and also provides zip code level data on delivery, open rates and clicks. Campaigner Email offers to convert the email content language based on subscriber’s preference. Campaigner Email integration with social media like Facebook Audience Builder and Social Sharing platforms helps in reaching wider audience and reach people similar to your best customers which helps in better engagement and business sales. Campaigner Email offers 30 Days free trial with a full featured list by which a user can test all its feature before signing up the form and become subscriber. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comment is that Campaigner Email is simple and simple is of course better and easy to use which makes it easy for non-experienced user to learn. Campaigner Email is relatively inexpensive as compared to other available marketing tools. Campaigner Email is easy to integrate with one’s platform using their API which easily integrate with all tokens and cc list. Campaigner Monitor reporting tool is extremely helpful in creating internal reports with stats breakdown (clicked, opened, delivered), which has not been never easy. 

Campaigner Email offers many customization options which helps in creating beautiful, stunning design templates and unique invites by writing codes or by using built in design tools. Campaign Email is intuitive and incredibly flexible as templates to go. Campaigner Email has customizable plan which helped in set up a plan based on monthly emails and not contacts. Campaigner Email full editor approach helps in creating newsletter emails which makes easy to copy information from our website to the newsletter and sending out of draft message is easy. 

Needs Improvement

Campaigner Email UI is user friendly but slightly outdated. Campaigner Email can be built more interactive and user friendly with modern designs and workflows like can include drag and drop email builds and can have engaging dashboards like as constant contact which is straightforward and consistent. Campaigner Email reporting tool should allow to download a report which showcase all the contact details who clicked on the campaign along with the name of the link they clicked on, at the moment it takes hours to do manually. Campaign Email has old graphics technology to create templates when used with headers, footers and images, it should be more innovative, graphically interesting and interactive as per the modern marketing demands. Campaigner Email do not allow to delete the list instead one has to make it inactive so removing them should be introduced so that segmenting list while campaigning email would be more easy.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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