Campayn Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Campayn is an automated email marketing platform which allows user to create campaign, advertisement campaign, newsletters and emails to the targeted customers. Campayn is one the best software in the trade of email marketing. Campayn enables to use templates or to create your own template to be sent to the subscribers, editing can be done in the template through html. Campayn has a unique feature called as Add calendar buttons which helps subscribers to have their own track record for all upcoming events. Campayn helps user to attach and share E-books, digital contracts and more with an easy to share link to download file by their subscriber. Campayn has a record of sending 99% deliverability of email reach direct to the subscriber inbox. Campayn has google map hyperlinked in email feature through which subscriber can find upcoming events and where the location is. Campayn helps to create more effective subscriber list through double opt in feature as it verifies email address of all new subscribers. Campayn allows more engagement of subscriber by signing ups forms through Website form , Hosted forms , facebook form, popup light box forms.

Newwer Innovation

Campayn with its innovations allows its user to have many benefits in marketing like popup light box feature by which u can offer a signup form who visit your website. Campayn allows user to publish their blogs which u can share, now its not just only to publish your blog in website you can share it to your subscriber. Campayn allows you to automated email campaign so that user will not miss any event or occasion of their subscriber. Campayn makes it easy to set the backdrop in the email that reflect your brand. Campayn keeps track of revenue generated through email campaign which email turned into sales, using ROI reports. Campayn allows you to check where your user is located through Location Feature so u can judge the market area’s where you are having more subscriber to have a better market. Campayn has a feature by which u can add list by importing from any source such as Spreadsheet, Gmail, yahoo or any other services. Campayn quality supports ensures u never let u down with your marketing u can simply connect with their expert team for any topic related to your email campaign or any issues related to Campayn.

Why we use Campayn?

Campayn is simple and easy way to create your email and advertising campaign which looks beautiful in the market with better mails. Campayn has the quality to engage more customers with less time which makes sure with the tools that you need to make email campaign. Campayn can be widely used by all kind and size of organization as it is one the trusted software for different renowned organization. Campayn analytical reports shares impactful insights which helps in creating smarter and engaging campaigns. Campayn offers triggered email services which helps in reminds subscribers and users for key activities. Campayn has intuitive user interface and is attractive. Campayn comes with an affordable pricing which a user can choose based on its requirement. Campayn also offers free templates which are easy to customize according to your choice. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Campayn is user friendly and all in one email marketing platform which makes one’s life easy and smarter. Campayn automation feature helps in engaging more and more audience which helps in boosting business sales. Campayn has very good email editor which helps in easy drag and drop and customization of templates. Campayn customer services support is extremely superb and responsive. Campayn is all in one platform that offers easy communication with user, subscribers and internal team.

Needs Improvement

Campaynthough offers contact management feature but it takes long time to add contact. Campayn

should increase level of security so that user can work with more confidence. Campayn mobile version should be more user friendly so that one can easily interact with the platform and use the Campayn feature from anywhere and anytime with mobile device. Campayn analytical reports should be more detailed and statistical so that it would be easy  to track email campaigning open click , subscriber action and business sales. Campayn should allow their user to save their own templates once created so that they can save their time by using them again whenever required.

Campayn should improve more with their customer service as they are sometimes less responsive.      

Similar Products in the Industry:

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