Capture One-Pros and Cons

General Information
CaptureOne Pro is an award winning photo editing software. The main features include capture pilot which helps to wirelessly view and zoom images. Instant Tethered capture feature helps to instantly import and view images. Camera control feature helps to capture, focus, adjust and configure images. The other features include integrated movie import, live view and tailor made profiles. Capture One Pro comes with rating and color tagging, metadata editing, loupe tool for maximum zooming. Lens correction and Lens cast correction and keystone corrections are other features. It supports CMYK space support.

Newer Innovations in the CaptureOne Pro
The new CaptureOne Pro has been built with many features. They are introduces a newly re-designed and contemporary interface. The menu system has been revamped with logical function and grouped along with associated task. Another feature is the inclusion of most powerful luminance masking tool and Linear Gradient Mask. The new Radial Gradient mask tool enables quick, flexible radial masks. The new redesigned keyboard shortcut manager, new plugin ecosystem and new camera and lens support has been the new add ons to this software. The Fujifilm Film Simulation support is one of the additional feature for this software which give the Fujifilm users the ability to digitally capture images.

Why we use CaptureOne Pro
This software claims that photos look better in Capture One, before even touching any of the edits. The colour tools in Capture One Pro are incredibly versatile, powerful. CaptureOne uses unique colour profiles designed for each particular camera model. It’s one of the best software for any professional photographer. It´s an excellent raw processor and the best possible tool to work tethered.
Industry positive comments
Some positive feedbacks are I love using Capture One Pro since this version is more improved and contains new tools, The organization and cataloguing features are really nice, Incredibly powerful and versatile. Great colour fidelity. Capture One Pro is an All-in-One tool when it comes to image acquisition, I like the various colour correction tools Capture One offers.
Needs Improvement
The area that needs improvement is loading time of file. Other areas of improvement are that it needs more lens profiles for dslrs. Needs focus on the tethering mode. Need to make implementation of new camera models needs to be quicker. The software should have provisions to leave a copy of the photos on the camera.
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