Career Builder-Pros and Cons

General features
CareerBuilder is an end-to-end human capital management solution, to help employers find, hire and manage great talent. It is the AI (Artificial Intelligence) job posting tool to make job posting simple and 5 times faster. After you post a job, CareerBuilder will automatically search for relevant candidates. It reruns automatic search every day and let you know how many are new potential matches. It gathers all resumes from various sources to one centralized candidate database. This vast database gives you access to tons of resumes from multiple sources, like talent gather, your talent network, your job posting applicants, social media and your ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
CareerBuilder let you build and save personalized template for email campaigns. You can save frequently used templates with ability to make minor changes for particular campaigns. You can easily segment your message to targeted groups of candidates and make sure that you are personalizing the message and generating higher response rates. It offers you to opt-in to get email notifications when new candidates apply to your positions.
CareerBuilder let you send messages to any candidate in their database. You can message up to 10 candidates at a time. Candidates will be notified via email about your messages. With company profile you can take job seekers insight into your company’s culture, showcase all of your jobs in one place, describe mission and values of your company. This makes candidates more likely to apply. Its’ mobile-optimized platform allows employees to easily build and share content and job postings while they are on the go.
Newer Innovations
CareerBuilder’s AI job posting tool writes job responsibilities automatically, which is based on more than two billion data points. This auto generated job description uses gender-and tone-neutral terminology to save time and increase diversity. It also rates job postings with Candidate Appeal. This rate will help recruiters to estimate how effective their post will attract candidates. It also provides recommendation on how to increase candidate appeal score.
CareerBuilder give recruiters a real-time view of candidate matches before they post a job. This helps them to make changes in order to maximize applications. It also uses standard metrics such as sends, delivers, opens and clicks to monitor the performance of each email campaign. This helps you check who is engaged with your message so you can prioritize your follow-ups accordingly.
Traditional search tools use keywords and terms to find candidates. While CareerBuilder offers AI-based semantic search technology, that looks for context instead keywords, and apply related terms to each search terms. This helps generate fast and accurate result. CareerBuilder provides AI-powered tool that helps job seekers to create competitive resumes

Why use it?
CareerBuilder solve human capital management problems for people, not only for job seekers and not only for companies, but People to People. It offers flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet different customers’ need with small business, mid-sized company or an enterprise organization. CareerBuilder listen and understand both job seeker’s and employer’s problem in hiring process, and provides an innovative solution to simplify hiring process. CareerBuilder have billions of occupation-related data points and millions of workforce profiles to power your human capital programs.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comment that CareerBuilder website looks nice and up-to-date. Their sales team and customer support team are really responsive. Also, this site offers more filter options as compared to other competitor job boards. This is really helpful to filter out most qualified candidate as per client’s requirements.
Customers says that they just need to click one resume to view it and then they can easily navigate through other resumes with a single click. Also, It has an easy to search resume database with advanced filter option.
Needs Improvement
Customers comment that they experience low Return on Investment (ROI) after using site’s job posting functions. It has limited resumes in some categories which makes it difficult to find out right candidates in specific categories. Customers want to have some options to isolate already viewed resumes.
Similar Products in Industry
Other products available in market are ZipRecruiter, Snagajob, Indeed, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn Jobs, Monster, Broadbean, SimplyHired, Glassdoor, Talent Zoo etc.