Ceridian Day force HR Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Ceridian Dayforce is a cloud-based platform combining HR, Payroll, Talent Management, Task Management, Benefits into one single platform. Ceridian Dayforce is built with single, flexible rules engine which keeps calculating pay throughout the pay period and gives administrator enough amount of time to produce high-quality pay. Ceridian Dayforce keeps the employee documents in one place at the HR management system, which is easy to access at any time. It allows employees to keep updating their documents as it allows access controls by the managers. Ceridian Dayforce document management filter and search options help to retrieve and search-related documents at the right time with less effort and time. Ceridian Dayforce provides data-driven insights that help managers to take an actionable decision fast at the right time for the right people. 

Ceridian Dayforce with its talent management system, helps in identifying, attract and hire the best people for the organization. It helps align and support people’s development for their future growth and improve employee retention and helps in planning better decisions related to their performance measurement and engagement. Ceridian Dayforce benefits management system present the employees’ benefits with their choice where they can select the benefits based on their choice, and when employee select their benefits options, their payroll automatically gets updated which saves time and admin work. Ceridian Dayforce management system helps in managing the workforce around the organization, which improves operational efficiency and compliance with complex and labor rules. Ceridian Dayforce helps to find and search the right people who are the best fit for the organization, which eliminates the HR recruitment process and onboarding process time. Ceridian Dayforce management keeps and tracks employee time records and presents real-time data whenever required. Ceridian Dayforce management provides learning and training support to their employee to keep their employee ready fit for the future and keeps them up to date as per the market trends. Ceridian Dayforce measures performance and shares dashboard with real-time data, which helps in making informed decisions related to promotion, payroll and other benefits.  

Newer Innovation

Ceridian Dayforce has made some interesting and innovative features that help in providing deep insights creating a strong bond between corporate goals, people strategy, and business productivity. Ceridian Dayforce with its new Dayforce Engagement feature, helps in building strong relationships and engagement with employees where it measures and collects feedback from employees to drive changes, motivating them to increase productivity and to boost retention. Ceridian Dayforce now allows the manager to access external market data to make fair compensation decisions to boost retention for top talents. Ceridian Dayforce now comes with a facial recognition feature called Dayforce Touch, where employees no longer need to clock in with their fingerprints; they can simply punch in by their facial recognition. Ceridian Dayforce measure progress by showcasing dashboard visibility across multiple locations by comparing company objectives or goals, the company’s KPI data through Dayforce Analytics features. Ceridian Dayforce, with its Dayforce Assistant, helps employees to manage their activities and task with voice or chat command. Ceridian Dayforce now comes with Dayforce On-Demand Pay provides multiple-choice to an organization to how and when to pay their employees. Ceridian Dayforce has added the Dayforce Benefits Decision Support feature, which now supports and provides additional help to employees while they select their benefits as it recommends the best fit and cost-effective benefits based on their requirements and needs.  

Why we use Ceridian Dayforce?

Ceridian Dayforce is a single unified and cloud platform that manages an entire workforce of the organization results in saving time and money. Ceridian Dayforce combines HR, Payroll, Task Management, Talent Management, Benefits into one application, which reduces admin efforts and increases productivity. Ceridian Dayforce has an intuitive and interactive user interface and easy to navigate, which can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with its mobile accessibility platform. Ceridian Dayforce is fast and efficient, which manages and delivers employee requirements, HR and Managers requirements, Payroll access, Approving Day off requests, and many more.  

Industry Positive Comment

Ceridian Dayforce has made the recruiting process much easy to reach a large group of individuals. Ceridian Dayforce payroll integrations and benefits can be updated with real-time data and present reports at the right time to the right people. Ceridian Dayforce has easy workflow and easy navigation, which is very easy to understand for the employees, people’s and new bees. Ceridian Dayforce shares real-time data, which is easy to run and operate, automate paycheck and benefits. Ceridian Dayforce with its automated process system, has saved a lot of time, resources, and money and has reduced paper and admin work.

Needs Improvement

Few believe that Ceridian Dayforce reporting is not easy to customize and is tricky to understand. For example, Workforce management reporting will show no record of an employee if there is no Pay in the timesheet or no show in employee attendance. 

Few commented that Ceridian Dayforce does not automate scheduling if positions get changed; it must be done manually which is time-consuming. 

Thought leaders believe Ceridian Dayforce recruitment module needs to be more interactive, flexible and robust. Ceridian Dayforce has limitations to employee access which have some restrictions on data and external locations. Others commented that it does not allow third-party remittances which are again a limitation for the people working at another external location so it needs improvement and can be added to its platform to make it more user and global friendly used. 

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar products in the industry are Harvest HCM, Zoho People, Cake HR, PeopleGoal, BambooHR, Workday HCM, ADP Workforce Now, UltiPro, Oracle HCM Cloud, Kronos Workforce Ready.