Ceridian Day force-Pros and Cons

General Information

Ceridian Dayforce is a cloud-based platform with a vision to transform the employee experience. Dayforce with a unified suite was developed to make a work-life balance better for every individual in the company. It unifies data from across the whole lifecycle of the employee to enable better decision-making at every stage. Dayforce is a comprehensive cloud platform that provides real-time updates to the employee to address the complex regulatory requirements.

Ceridian Dayforce can be used to manage core human resources, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, and much more. The software is a web-based very flexible app having compatibility with all popular browsers. Dayforce helps employee analyze their work-related transactions and information. Dayforce uses only one record for each employee, thereby minimizing errors and redundancy of data. Its seamless integration with other platforms adds a great amount of value. Dayforce offers international personnel tracking as well.It also offers multi-language support.

Why do we use Ceridian Dayforce?

Ceridian Dayforce is a great tool that helps in advancing the company’s business forward every day. It stores all the employee data in a single accessible place. Dayforce allows users to trade shifts, request time-off, view balances, and much more. It presents all the links on the homepage, and users can find everything at a single place. From an admin’s perspective, Dayforce is very easy to use the software.

Industry Positive Comments

Ceridian Dayforce has great integrity in the data, which is one of the most key ask of businesses while managing personnel data across geographies. Few commented that Dayforce’s configuration is quite flexible. It can be customized and has a clean design, which can prove to be beneficial to the company because of the information it can provide. Dayforce can create and present well-customized detailed reports. Business users believe that they can have full control and be aware of everything in their schedules all in one app.

Needs Improvement

Few users find the mobile website a little bit glitchy. Dayforce sometimes shows lesser pop-ups and needs to be refreshed a few times. Few believe that Dayforce’s payroll module is slightly complicated. Others also experienced that platform freezes sometimes and needs to be logged back in again.

Similar Products in the Industry

Workday HCM, Paychex Flex, Paylocity, Kronos Workforce Central, UltiPro, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP Workforce Now, BambooHR, and Paycom are some of the products in the industry similar to Ceridian Dayforce.