Cherwell IT Service Management Pros and Cons

General features

Cherwell IT Service Management upgrades your ITSM with streamlined and automated processes.

It provides tools that are easy-to-use and configure.

 Its feature-rich service desk conforms to eleven ITIL processes. 

Its service desk features a shared CMDB for integrated processes. 

Its other core features include Incident and Request Management, which consolidates tickets and requests for faster issue resolution. 

It comes with change Management and Configuration Management, which helps you centralize items and associate data. 

 It provides IT Asset Management for tracking and managing hardware/software assets.

It comes with integrated features that helps design efficient workflows, oversee request with clarity and speed. 

In Cherwell the infrastructure is easy to set up as a SaaS solution or on-premise system.

In this the platform can be extended via pre-built integration in the mApp Exchange, the community-driven app marketplace for Cherwell uses. 

Newer Innovations

Cherwell provides automate processes, monitor tasks and issues clearly and follow industry best practices. 

It helps Innovate rapidly with Codeless workflow automation, integrated application library.

Measure progress with integrated dashboards, end-to-end visibility and reporting 

It provides Work collaboratively Cross functional service delivery, easy partner integration 

It lets Build custom applications using extensible platform. 

Its unified service desk system enables fulfil request faster and with more accuracy.

In Cherwell Repetitive requests or issues can easily be resolved by users via self-service. 

It does not charge to pay extra for additional portal users, password resets, automation and integrations. 

Why use it?

Cherwell comes with Choice of SaaS subscription or On-Premise.

It provides Adaptable technology.

 Its drag & drop workflow feature make it easy to tailor IT service automation.

It is very flexible to adapt any configuration.

 Industry’s Positive Comments

Automated workflows are done very well

Good visibility for different teams

 Well integrated with Active Directory services

Knowledge Articles Can Be linked To the Incident/request

 It’s hard to find downsides in this app.

Needs Improvement

Cherwell requires a strong infrastructure.

It does not have a web version.

 Sometimes it can get slow and freezes

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Service Desk software products available in market are Micro Focus Service Manager, ServiceNow, TOPdesk, Zabbix, ManageEngine Service Desk, Zendesk, Teamviewer, SolarWinds Web Desk etc.