Civil 3D-Pros and Cons

General Information

Civil 3D provides multiple features relating to the designing and implementation of civil infrastructure projects. This includes for example production drafting, geospatial analysis, pressure networks and earthwork calculations. Civil 3D also provides command short keys, which saves a lot of the user’s time by using by quickly implementing different commands.

The software also provides features such as curves and transition spirals alignment, which has to do with main designing of the infrastructures, as well as being able to perform topographic calculations. Civil 3D also provides surface modeling, importing field data and being able to customize workspaces and tools.

Newer Innovations in Civil 3D

The software comes with storm and sanitary, which allows users to quickly add pipe networks to plan different sets. Civil 3D also allows users to connect to BIM 360 Design to implement further features if needed. The software also comes with the ability to reference template workflows, as well as the Dynamo add-on.

Civil 3D comes with optimized performance specifically for DREF elements, as well as labeling property set data.

Enhanced InfraWorks interoperability is also provided with the software, which allows more features to be used, as well as advanced roundabout and pressure pipes design.

Why we use Civil 3D?

Civil 3D gives the ability for businesses to hire employees who have experience in being able to highly customize the tools to allow maximum effectiveness for design. Furthermore, plugins from different companies are also allowed to be used.

Civil 3D is also compatible for almost every design software, which allows more flexibility for users, as well as being able to effectively asset users’ needs, which can be key for engineering and design.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers report that Civil 3D allows easy adjustments to be made, giving an overall pleasant experience to the customers. Civil 3D provides good options for customization, as well as being able to implement useful third party add-ons. Users have also commented Civil 3D to be a “go-to” for building and designing anything infrastructure related.

Needs Improvement

Civil 3D has some of the customers expect improvement in the software crashing very often, which might be a huge risk in losing important work. The software also has a very steep learning curve, so it might not be easy for exactly everyone. Civil 3D is also no longer connected to Google Earth, which some user commented about it being a loss. The file size for Civil 3D is also extremely huge. Civil 3D according to users has, at the moment, poor overall stability in the program.

Similar Products in the Industry

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