Cross Browser Testing-Pros and Cons

General Features

CrossBrowserTesting is a platform for complete browser testing in different browser and different devices with all the versions which enables user to run their web applications to work efficiently in any browser and device. CrossBrowserTesting allows user to interact test and debug the issue over 2050+ browsers .CrossBrowserTesting have the option of testing the web applications Manually or running them automatically .CrossBrowserTesting enables user to take screenshots of bugs while the test is running and resolve them with the help off it .CrossBrowserTesting grid has the option of selenium and Appium Test to run hassle free. CrossBrowserTesting has a feature of Visual Regression Tests which makes easy to check the change in the website simultaneously. CrossBrowserTesting 

with its automation testing feature allows to user to see the screenshots and also has the ability of live testing with the help of CI server .CrossBrowserTesting Integration with Jira allows user to send the issue while testing to the support team via chat ,email or slack which makes it easy testing and save a lot of time. CrossBrowserTesting is now able to share your testing report or work to your team with a link so that they can understand the issues while working on the project. CrossBrowserTesting is now able to help with the integration of your API’s which is going to be used with your web applications to test them whether they are compatible or not with the different version of browsers. CrossBrowserTesting record and track network logs for performance. CrossBrowserTesting can debug behind firewall or proxy 

Newer Innovation

CrossBrowserTesting with its innovative ideas has many update features. CrossBrowserTesting perform testing with many of the updated browser makes itself possible with updates. CrossBrowserTesting also has list of updated devices which allows user to test their web applications on it makes sure that it will run perfectly on the devices and browsers without fail. CrossBrowserTesting has improved with its feature of recording the test which is now easily available on one click now user can check test with the recording by pressing the button of replay. CrossBrowserTesting has updated its overall speed, recorder launcher time has now reduced to record 15 second also with Mac and IOS Appium launching time to save user time with while testing. CrossBrowserTesting has now updated its screenshot taking ability in Android based platform now user can successfully takes the screenshot in Android. CrossBrowserTesting with its file upload feature in mobile ensures user to their app in mobile devices that the uploading feature works perfectly in the applications. CrossBrowserTesting has introduced mouse and faster key in the Android and IOS devices to get a better speed and results while testing the web applications .   

Why we use CrossBrowserTesting ?

CrossBrowserTesting requires no-code, scriptless and automated testing platform. CrossBrowserTesting is one of best platform to test the web applications across multiple browser and devices of different region so the web applications can work without fail in any of the devices or browser. CrossBrowserTesting has the ability to test your product compatibility on more than 2050 browsers in a second. CrossBrowserTesting test your browser with many browser and devices find the bugs and resolve them in a very less time .CrossBrowserTesting shares its detailed reports after test the app on the different browser which contains all the parts of your test which portion has a bug and how it is resolved with the help of screen shots and the option of recorder u can analyse the whole process of test your web application. CrossBrowserTesting ensures 100% risk coverage with its data integration and trend base analysis. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comment is that CrossBrowserTesting has wide range of browser and operating system on which user can test their web app. CrossBrowserTesting has the ability of recording which can be shared with team to link the recording. CrossBrowserTesting is easy to review, test, and validate the design and code across many browser and devices CrossBrowserTesting makes it possible to test the web app parallel in mobile and web both. CrossBrowserTesting has a very intuitive user interface and the best part of the app it doesn’t required code for testing with different browsers and devices.

Needs Improvement

CrossBrowserTesting has very great features though it has some limitations like it is time taking with some of the device than test season out itself . CrossBrowserTesting mobile browser testing features fails a lot so depending on mobile testing is hard. CrossBrowserTesting does not support IOS automation needs to release new build to support for the same. CrossBrowserTesting some times stuck with the browser version while automated tests start randomly failing because a specific browser version is no longer supported and some also takes too much time to load. CrossBrowserTesting should allow users to download and upload files.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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