Dixa Contact Center-Pros and Cons

General Information
Dixa is next-generation customer service software that’s provided end-to-end support for users. The features are Live Chat, Alerts (Escalation), Automated Routing, Contract (SLA Management), Known Issue Management, Surveys & Feedback and Ticket Management. It also features such as Customizable Branding, Macros (Template Responses), Multi-Channel Communication, Social Media Integration Incident Management, Agent Scheduling, Call Me Option, Co-Browsing, Knowledge Database and Shortcut Messages.

Newer Innovations in the Dixa
Some of the latest innovations in Dixa tool are Callback, Call recording, VoIP telephony, In- & outbound calls, Call transfer, Quick reconnect, IVR (interactive voice response) and Phone numbers in 160+ countries. It also provides features that include Conversation Algorithms, Music on hold, Simultaneous ringing, Internal calls, Record and upload announcements, Content-based routing, Follow-up reminders, First-in, first-out distribution, Contact recognition, Visitor tracking, Write wrap-up notes, Drag’n’drop channel flow editor and Triggers based on wait time.
Why we use Dixa
With Dixa you get the Automatic Multichannel Routing, provide multichannel support and enjoy continuous conversations with customers. It also offers a full-featured VoIP phone system and also improved customer satisfaction.
Industry positive comments
Some of the positive feedbacks are it is a new way of the contact center as a service. It is easy to set up phone/chat/email in the desktop app. It is to set up a new webshop with phone, mail and chat in an hour. It is easier to handle customer service. It can manage all emails and phone calls from one central location.
Needs Improvement
Dixa needs for an android/iOS app. It also needs access to a range of webhook. Need to have an option of touch points. Need to have ZAPIER integration and also need to make draft function easy and accessible. Needs to have an option for autosave function.
Similar Products in the industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Genesys Pure Engage, Genesys Pure Connect, TalkDesk, Genesys Pure Cloud, UJET, Aspect Workforce Management, Avaya Aura, Fuze, SAP Contact Center, CallMiner Eureka.