Docu Ware-Pros and Cons

General Information

DocuWare is a digital document management platform and provides automated workflow solutions to organizations of all sizes. Available with more than 16 languages support, the platform supports cloud and on-premises deployment. DocuWare has a global network of over 600k users across 90 countries. It is a user-friendly and powerful software to improve efficiency. DocuWare integrates with business hardware like scanners. With over 500 different integrations across emails, team portals and more, the achievements speak for itself. DocuWare is HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA compliant, ISO 9001, and SOC 2, Type 1 certified.

Newer Innovations in the DocuWare

DocuWare uses a zero interruption policy to make sure that continuity is maintained, particularly when a business focuses on improving its operations. The support team helps companies define goals and provide hands-on-training for best results. DocuWare has an intelligent indexing system that eliminates any wastage of time required to retrieve the documents. It automatically stores and indexes documents. DocuWare has a user-friendly interface and makes it easier for users to store content. 360-degree integration allows businesses to integrate their system with existing programs The platform offers many other features for better automation and networking.

Why do we use DocuWare?

DocuWare is simple and easy to use platform that can keep everything to avoid losing any important file. The software minimizes the need for manual processes and automates every step. DocuWare has security and privacy as its top priority. Its mobile app allows users to scan and upload documents into appropriate sections in the cloud.

Industry Positive Comments

One of the best features of DocuWare is transparency. It gives accountability, accountability, ease of use. DocuWare gives the increased visibility of documents for the users who need them and security for the protection of documents. The support service works well to help in resolving the queries. DocuWare carries out the processes in an effective way leaving the minimum possibility of errors.

Needs Improvement

Some customers expect the availability of Mass Decision features in the upcoming versions. DocuWare sometimes does not correctly interpret the meaning of the data read and forces users to check for any possible errors. The platform can get complicated for first-time users.
DocuWare should make improvements in automatically grouping similar documents based on key index fields.

Similar Products in the Industry

A list of some products that could be alternative to Docu Ware: OnBase, Laserfiche, Docu Share, M-files, Seismic, Sage Intacct, Workday HCM, UltiPro, Applicant Stack, and Paylocity.