Dominion-Pros and Cons

General Information

Dominion is a professional photo cataloging application, which increases your organisation’s management potential. Dominion has workflow management. It also has image editing and InDesign templating enable. It has ‘File Preview’ option which enable us to easily preview large image files. Dominion import and export large media files or folders into or from the database quickly and efficiently.
In Dominion we are able to search and filter assets by keywords and metadata which saves time.
It supports vast majority of image formats including JPEG, PSD, PNG, etc…

Newer Innovations in the Daminion

Dominion supports multiple file format i.e. Media comes in all shapes and sizes, file types and formats. Dominion supports all file formats, including JPEG, PSD, PNG, etc. They uses best tools and practices available to build and maintain Daminion with multiple levels of security to protect and backup your files.

Adding assets is easy, simply drag and drop individual or hundreds of files all at once. And Daminion is a multi-user photo management software, for a small team.

We can have instant access to any asset, through its powerful quick search in no time.
Daminion is having version control, through which we can find out who made change to the file.

Why we use Daminion ?

Dominion supports workflows that allow for content modification.
It simplifies and streamlines your workflows and Automates workflows and enhances team creativity.
Tags images automatically and uses advanced search which saves your valuable time.

Industry Positive Comments
Some customers said that they like the ease of rearranging or organising keywords. Also, it has ability to store non image files like PDF, word file or CD .
It helps us to avoid accidental deletion of the assets through its version control feature. It also have good access control.

Needs Improvement

Customers said that Daminion is lacking in editing function, which can be included.
Some customers suggested that creating catalog should not be compulsory, and adding a file should on the fly.
Some customers suggested that old assets should be deleted not archived.

Similar Products in the Industry

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