En boarder-pros and Cons

General Information

Enboarder is the first engagement platform pioneering a new way in which businesses shall onboard employees. The platform emphasizes the value of human connections and experiences, thus keeping employees at the center of every process. Enboarder helps convert newly hired employees into highly engaged and long-term employees. It helps employees create engaging experiences for employees. It has a good focus on overcoming the traditional HR technology shortcomings; Enboarder focuses on low-friction and interactive experiences. Enboarder ensures that managers also engage in the onboarding of new hires. The reporting and dashboard give the right detail of data.

The Enboarder engagement heatmap helps in quickly determining what type of content is resonating and what is not. The customer success manager is really helpful and minimizes efforts. Enboarder provides an incredibly personalized and consistent experience for new hires. It is an intuitive tool and can perform numerous tasks. Enboarder makes it easy to build workflows regardless of the complexity of the process. The platform is consistently improving itself, takes feedback and suggestions into account. Enboarder Docusign integration is robust and presents the completed forms in one place.

Why do we use Enboarder?

Enboarder customer service is spectacular. They provide quick responses and apt solutions for most of the complex situations. The Enboarder interface is intuitive and straightforward once the user gets the hang of it. It focuses on delivering high employee experience. Enboarder is known for the engagement it instantly creates with the people in the organization. It effortlessly automates the workflow for many time-consuming tasks thereby saving a lot of time.

Industry Positive Comments

Enboarder provides simple solutions for leaders and team members as well to engage in the onboarding process. The platform offers a lot of customization options to enable the organization to present themselves and brand themselves according to their vision. Enboarder flexibility of tools makes new hires feel connected. The ease of editing profiles that the platform provides is worth appreciation.

Needs Improvement

Few believe Enboarder DocuSign integration could be improved further to the needs of the companies as it sometimes creates a problem in understanding for some employees. Few reported that Enboarder’s bulk onboarding feature does not work efficiently. Some users expect a more detailed reporting feature. Thought leaders suggest that the tool does not allow to track changes or see the archive of changes.

Similar Products in the Industry

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