Account B2B risk checklist



The Account B2B risk checklist will help in capturing following information.


  • Questionnaire related to Market, Industry Trends, Geo Political, M&A, Strategy, Large Engagement.
  • Questionnaire related to customer Credit profile, Organization Changes, Outsourcing Strategy, Criticality.
  • Questionnaire related to Market & Competitive Intelligence-Brand, Positioning, Market Share, Number of service Lines we are engaged in,  
  • Questionnaire related to Geo Political-Difficult clauses, Residual Risks, Penalties, Counter agreements, Approval – renewal, SLA Management
  • Questionnaire related to Delivery-Scope, Schedule, Effort, Requirements Management, Configuration Management, Change Management, Allocation & Tracking, Documentation, Data, Budget, Review Mechanism, Performance Objectives
  • Questionnaire related to Financial Risks-Invoicing, DSO, Rates, Commercial Model, Dependency on Geo/Account, penalty / Bonus
  • Questionnaire related to People Risks-Skill Availability, Competency Index, Training, Knowledge Transfer, Attrition, Bulge, Background Verification, Cool off period, 
  • Questionnaire related to Information Security, Physical, Logical and Network Security, Intellectual property, Work products, Confidentiality, Publicity, Customer IP infringement, IP protection, Third party IP infringement, OSS usage. BCP contractual requirements, Cost factor, Preparedness, Recovery objectives, Call tree, Test Drills & Table Top Scenarios
  • Questionnaire related to Technology & Infrastructure, Dependency on other projects, sub-contractors, vendors
  • Questionnaire related to Regulatory Risk, Geo specific Regulations, Data Privacy, Visa, Labor Laws
  • Questionnaire related to Cultural Risks, Culture, Diversity, Language
  • Questionnaire related to Acceptance Risk,  Plan, Sign off, Criteria
  • Questionnaire related to Alliance Partner Risk, Credit rating, investments, financial exposure.
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