SI Project Phase Exit Gating Assessment

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The si project phase exit gating checklist will help in capturing the information related to.


  •  project details-
    • Project code
    • Project name
  • Account
  • Location
  • Project manager (email id)

Delivery manager (email id)

  • Rfp reviewed by delivery assurance (da) and findings shared.
  • Any penalties, free supplies been looked at and accounted for.
  • Risks identified and mitigation plans in place for all the open risks.
  • In case a no-go was issued by the da or architectural review board or practice , has a exception approval been received to proceed.
  •  There an availability of signed statement of work (sow)/ contract copy to start system integration project
  •  List of assumptions (technical & commercial) available
  • Sow reviewed by delivery team and gaps identified
  • Resource loading sheet (rls) approved by business finance manager (bfm).
  • Team factored for system integration (si) scope of work during steady state.
  • Solution walk through from sales team & da report included as part of boot camp.
  • Any open actions from the previous phase.
  • Monitoring solution considered as part of the tools track.
  • Clarity on how many tools are to be deployed/ implemented/ configured.
  •  Software/ hardware and license requirements agreed and finalized.
  • Service catalogue implementation in scope.
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