SLA Assessment

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The SLA review checklist will help in capturing the information related to.


  •  All elements of transition costed? (laptops, link (set up and running during transition), training, mobile phones, dsl / broadband, travel (inter Geo + basic), visa, stay, customized hardware, tools.
  • The final cost sheet been agreed and signed off by the transition manager.
  • Any penalties, free supplies been looked at and accounted for.
  • Are there any mandatory training requirements prior to on-boarding of resources for transition? Are the efforts and cost factored?
  • The start date of the project should be clear ?
  • The transition timelines defined by tower.
  • The sow / msa been reviewed by the transition manager.
  •  the mitigation plan if the takeover is expected to be hostile.
  • Transition timelines in line with tools implementation plan.
  •  Key (pm/dm/tm/tower leads) resources identified.
  • Transition plan in line with the technology (voice & connectivity) plan.
  • All the steady state resources been on-boarded in the rls by the beginning of primary support.
  • Service delivery model submitted during bidding approved by customer.
  • Required l3 resources been factored across all the towers for kap and kt.
  • The required sizing clearly marked out in the effort estimates, and required resources factored for the roles of technical writes, etc? Ex. For sop, epd, smtd documents.
  • Any delivery / transition locations that pose a challenge from a visa front.
  • NDA being signed off with all Wipro Partner resources.
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