Sprint Assessment

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The Sprint Review will help in capturing the information related to. 

  •  The  current prioritized Sprint product backlog reviewed by Sprint team including stakeholders approval ?(With Minimal Marketable features as Stories).
  •  Any technical debt included been reviewed and agreed for implementation.
  • Risks, Assumptions, Issues  & Dependencies reviewed from last iteration [n-1 ] Sprint team.
  • all the identified iteration items [ Stories, tasks, tasks as technical debts, Defects, production issues ] reviewed , selected & allocated by sprint team on Day 1.
  • sprint detailed scheduled been layed out with Specific deployment dates etc.
  • all identified Sprint items entered in tracking tool / management tracker used and are they with appropriate status.
  •  any change in meeting scheduled been confirmed with Scrum Team [ colocated / distributed ] ( Scrum of Scrum teams ).
  • all necessary resources ( Human, SW, HW, & Tools ) availability been reviewed and are dependencies discussed? Has the capacity being considered for planning all tasks and stories.
  • Sprint Specific Strategy ( Development, Testing & automation etc.) discussed.
  • Sprint specific Done Criteria agreed by PO & Stakeholders
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