System Administrator’s Assessment

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The system administrator checklist will help in capturing the information related to. 

  •  Role based access control matrix maintained for privileged accounts (administrative) on its systems and applications.
  • Is the access to the critical applications/servers to staff is provided on need-to-know basis and is authorized by concerned dm/pm.
  • Are the testing and production environments separated from each other and the respective responsible staff identified?
  •  The project’s user-id and company user-id are the same.
  • Is there a ‘unique id’ assigned to all users / groups in the project?
  • The password policy of company ltd. Adhered (uses 8 characters) to? Elaborate the password policy followed.
  •  Client defined security practices /company policies (isms).
  • The fixed login attempts for the users before the account gets locked.
  •  Policy of not reusing the last 5 passwords? (if it is different, mention how many times).
  • Default account (guest, administrator, scott in oracle) renamed.
  • Authorized persons changing the system-privileged passwords.
  • Idle time-out enabled for the system.
  • Do you follow information classification in your documents?
  • Do you have standard operating procedures for system administration?
  • Security incident management
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