Technical design review



Design review facilitates communication between the design team, management, and customer. Management & customers are provided insight into the technical status of the product; however, the technical team receives valuable feedback on an issue involving in the design. Reviewers assess the design to ensure that it can be produced, tested, installed, operated, and maintained in a manner it is acceptable to the customer.


This checklist captures common elements present in any design and activities to be performed throughout the information system project life cycle. 


Checklist ensures that all the factors and reasonable design options and the design meets the requirements as outlined in the Product Development Specification.


The checklist is intended to provide project managers, configuration managers, system owners, to stimulate thought, guide brainstorming, and ensure the outlined design contains all proper design considerations with guidance in identifying and planning software design activities.


Following are the glimpse of sections available in the Technical design review checklist –


  • Document Control deals in Naming convention, versioning of document; system requirement; design approach; references.
  • Technical Overview deals with the design address the boundary condition, error condition; performance issue; compatibility; Interfaces, traceability.
  • Database Design have questions related to database diagram, Tables; indexes; sequences;  
  • Application Setups will have queries related to customization.
  • Components (Functions/Procedures/Packages/Triggers/Others)
  • Workflow- attributes; lookup codes and values; messages and notifications.
  • Forms- Navigation logic; Block diagrams
  • Integration Issues- Performance issues, conditions; incompatibilities
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