Transition Assessment – PL or Tower Lead

$1,999.00 / year


The transition checklist –Project Leader/ Tower leader will help in capturing the information related to. 

  • All the role-based mandatory training for the new quality manager (QM).
  • The awareness of the quality procedures followed in the project as well as velocity q procedures/group specific procedure to new PL/TL aware.
  • The awareness of roles and responsibilities expected as PL/TL.
  • The required over lap observed
  •  The outgoing PL/TL handed over all the relevant documents and records to the new PL/TL
  •  The new PL/TL understood the requirements of the project.
  • The change in PL/TL been informed to the client.
  •  The new PL/TL interacted with the other team members
  • The new PL/TL interacted with the client if expected.
  • The goals and objectives revisited (if need be)
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