Fast path Assure-Pros and Cons

General Information

Fastpath Assure is a cross-platform GRC Product. It allows users to run various functionalities across many platforms simultaneously. Its integration with other software includes Oracle, NetSuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamic, Intacct, Salesforce, Workiva Wdesh, and Zendesk. Fastpath Assure is a cloud-based platform that can effectively manage security and compliance within and across the platforms. The software has an intuitive design, with easy to read and understand reports; which help in providing faster and efficient auditing. Fastpath Assure can be used to mitigate access risks from a single dashboard itself.

Newer Innovations in the Fastpath Assure

Fastpath Assure user interface design is attractive, elegant, looks modern and clean. This makes the product popular amongst the user community. Fastpath Assure’s has distinctive features for access certification review panels and reports. The platform has good and efficient customer support.

Fastpath Assure makes SOX audits smooth. The customer support is always proactive in dealing with the issues and resolving them completely.

Why we use Fastpath Assure?

Fastpath Assure gives new insights into the business application security and process so that the businesses can focus on improving the risk mitigation. It offers a much simpler path to review the international offices’ environments. Fastpath Assure pulls all security access and gives a selection for a broad range of platforms.

Fastpath Assure can do wonders for a company that needs to maintain the segregation of duties in the system. The platform’s integration will other platforms such as Oracle and Microsoft adds to its better efficiency.

Industry Positive Comments

The Fastpath Assure system is very helpful in providing insights into the business process. This way it really helps very much in risk mitigation. Fastpath Assure helps in automating SOD management and getting a periodic evaluation. Business users believe that Fastpath Assure works as a preventive mechanism to identify SOD issues before they move into production.

Needs Improvement

Few thought leaders believe that Fastpath Assure should provide solutions in overcoming the limitations in the Single Sign-on option. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to customize or modifying rules before the company can use the SOD feature. Fastpath Assure browser needs refreshing after long periods of usage and some processes chug along. There is also a room for improvement, in SOD, because the roles are very generic.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some other alternatives to Fastpath Assure are Okta, Rippling, LogicGate, ETQ Reliance, AuditBoard, JumpCloud, OneLogin, SAI360, SAP GRC, and Zen GRC.