Financial Force Financial Management-Pros and Cons

General Information

FinancialForce Financial Management delivers deep visibility and controls to highly simplify financial data received for the business. The software quickly processes automated search order, as well as easily linking financial transaction into the users reachability. Financial Management comes with a highly-responsive customer service for any issues needed to fix, as well as being able to integrate systems and use quantitative data in different reports.

The software features well-designed dashboards, which helps in managing different payroll systems, and alongside this it is integrated into its cloud in which bank reconciliations fit in perfectly. Financial Management comes with multi-dimensional business analysis, as well as workflow tracking. It helps to solve different accounting problems.

Newer Innovations in Financial Force Financial Management

Financial Management comes with a well developed Salesforce CRM to provide accurate data, as well as the Zozo software. The software is able to deploy unlimited revenue models, and has a dynamic and predictable service review.

Financial Management optimises collections for the new services economy, as well as delivering improved transparency and communication with different teams.

Multidimensional classification of time tables has also been recently introduced to the system.

Financial Management also provides real-time visibility with user and role-based dashboards

Why we use Financial Management?

The software overall comes with good flexibility and customisation specifically for business needs, and comes with fast responses for any issues that might concern the development of any business.

Financial Management uses an agile development model which businesses can largely benefit from, as well as easily gaining information about sales, customers etc.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Financial Management saves a lot of time while using it, which helps saving costs in different companies. Financial Management uses an efficient and streamlined accounting systems which users have really liked, as well as being overall an easy software to use. A lot of power comes with the FF license integrated into the software, and has an active and helpful user community.

Needs Improvement

Financial Management also comes with some downsides, to which users have commented on some components having overall lack of good and precise documentation. Furthermore, updates provided by FinancialForce always don’t fix the main issues the users are having. Financial Management also has storage issues, which is limited/expensive. Moreover, the FFR reports are not in most cases very user friendly, and learning the main functions in the software has a rather large learning curve, taking a lot of time to learn essentials.

Similar Products in the Industry

Financial Management comes with other significant softwares in the industry, some of which include Accounting Seed, FreshBooks, Xero, QuickBooks Online, SalesForce CPQ, Sage 100cloud, Blackline, BigTime, Replicon and Acumatica