Handshake-Pros and Cons

General features
Handshake is a talent recruiting platform that helps connect employers, talent, and colleges in one platform. It helps employers of all sizes to power their early talent recruitment. It connects students with employers to help them get a jobs and internships. It provides you different filter options to help you get ideal candidates. You can also apply a filter to target specific group of audience. For example, you may want candidates from specific location. Handshake let you build and save personalized template for email campaigns to attract more candidates to apply. You are provided with full engagement history, to monitor your pipeline’s progress and keep track of candidate engagement.
Handshake let you build your personalized employer brand page to display your organization information, reviews, and testimonials from past employees. This helps top talents to know about your organization insights and encourage them to apply your job posting. You can also create campaigns that will define your hiring criteria, share employer news and updates to keep your talents engaged.
To promote your events, you can create event campaigns and send messages to many students at once. When you create campaign, you’ll be redirected to the student search page with the relevant schools and filters. You can select students and send them message to invite them to your event. Handshake also let you track performance of campaigns and events so you can recognize where to shift your focus. Handshake let you measure your recruiting performance, pipeline representation and brand awareness. So, you can stay competitive against your competitors.
Other Features
Handshake collects work authorization details directly from the student during the job application process. Work authorization details includes, if they are legally authorized to work in the United States and if they require visa sponsorship. You can share your job posting on social media like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and also email to attract more applicants. It’s integration with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) let you to direct candidates to seamlessly apply your job posting using your ATS. It sends you notification every time a new applicant applies to your job posting.
Handshake offers scheduled campaigns to pre-plan, setup outreach before the busy times of campus visits and interviews. You can save the searches that you frequently perform. You can quickly and easily use them in the future to save your time. For example, you might often search for students who have scored GPA above 3.5. Employer can directly send messages to applicants via their personal email. You can create and perform bulk actions.
Why use it?
Handshake is an easy to use platform. It has deep insights on millions of students across hundreds of schools. These data help you to maximize your on-campus investment, diversify your candidate pool, and expand your reach. Taking a deeper look at available data helps you understand how to reach your goals.
Handshake is empowered by diverse teams who create more thoughtful and innovative solutions for companies to be more successful.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comments that, it is really easy to find interns with Handshake. It automatically sends email notification when someone applies to job post. It provides you the ability to post and share positions easily. You can post jobs to multiple universities and colleges at once.
Customers comments that, it provides an intuitive and complete career services management platform. It allowed to streamline student applications management and data collection.
Needs Improvement
Customers comments that, its’ mobile navigation is very difficult and it is really hard to access number of features. Signing up process for events is different for each school and doesn’t feel like concrete event registration. Customers dislike that sometimes they are provided with unnecessary surveys when signing up for an event.
Similar Products in Industry
Other talent recruitment software products available in market are Indeed, Glassdoor, Talent Zoo, AngelList, Hired, SimplyHired, Idealist, FindATruckerJob.com, Internship, Hubstaff Talent etc.