Heap -Pros and Cons

General Information

Heap has auto-capture feature, super easy to setup and manage and its interface is really intuitive. Heap is empathetic and user-centric, has snapshot functionality and has easy integration with Red Shift / Tableau. Heap requires no IT integration is required. Its Retroactive data is a blessing

Newer Innovations in the Heap

Heap automatically captures every user action, and can analyze the usage patterns. Anyone can understand user behavior. Heap setup does not require developer time and can verify user-reported bugs. Heap has tools for checking conversion b/w different pages. It does not require lengthy training and has ability to track actions to the click level

Why we use Heap ?

Heap can be proved as a better tools as it can drive Better Business Outcomes, help to identify the scope of improvement. Virtually code-free implementation of analytics, the docs are clean and easy to understand.

Industry Positive Comments

Heap has received many positive feedback such as it is really easy to implement , great onboarding and support teams, documentation and reps are helpful. Heap can easily configure events.

Needs Improvement

Heap need some improvement such as scripts take too long to execute, native UI lacks major visualization functionality, it only maps unique and not the true journey. Heap has few integrations missing.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Adobe Analytics , Google Analytics 360, Quantum Metric, Siteimprove, Acoustic Analytics, Pendo , Google Tag Manager, Parse.ly and Amplitude