Hiretual Recruitment-Pros and Cons

General Features

Hiretual is an AI-powered sourcing tool that makes the recruiting process more robust, easy, scalable and powers the largest talent pool in the industry. Hiretual finds higher-quality candidates easily with the ability to screen more than 20,000 profiles in seconds across different channels- open web, ATS/CRM, Job boards and match profiles to the open roles. Hiretual boosts productivity by 42% more hires per recruiter and saves tons of time. Hiretual screening reduces 90% of the time spent on reviewing the applications and cut down the souring time by 80%. Hiretual integrates with all email providers (Exchange and Custom) which increases engagement with top candidates. It also schedules and sends emails in bulk, sequence email template, can send an email template to the candidate on behalf of hiring managers to keep engagement boosted and active, track candidate real-time tracking. Hiretual avoids engagement duplication by looking at candidate engagement history with one click so that the team does not reach the candidate again and again. Hiretual allows to sync candidates’ information with a single click into ATS/CRM with their name, contact information, work experience, social profiles and educational details with no export as spreadsheet required. Hiretual rediscovers past applicants for the open role with its AI sourcing in three easy steps- Integrate, Refresh and Source. It imports stagnant past applicants to ATS/CRM and uses proprietary data fusion technology to refresh and then add it to your talent pool to find the best fit. Hiretual talent market insight shares key insights and detailed information about candidate profile, experience, past working and how big talent pool is. It kicks off AI sourcing to screen thousands of candidates in a second to find the best match and export it to PDF to be shared with the hiring manager. Hiretual keeps the confidential data secure as it is 100% CCPA Compliant, 100% GDPR Compliant, SOC1 Type 1 and SOC2 Type 2 certified and is protected by AWS data centers that provide high availability, dependability, and Scalability. Hiretual integrates with top HRIS and ATS/CRM providers to extend its search and scalability. Hiretual can allow access to the team members based on the role and departments they belong to. Hiretual can create and delegate the task within team members, interview team within the organization with just a single click which can easily be tracked and analyzed.  

Newer Innovation

Hiretual has upgraded its platform with some intuitive features for Hiretual Lite and Premium users. Hiretual can get contact info of around 10 people per week and can analyze profiles between 25 to 30. Hiretual hiring projects organized the candidates into different stages-New, Contacted (when an email is sent) uncontacted and Replied (when they respond). Hiretual Lite now can have up to 3 concurrent projects at a time whereas premium users have unlimited. Hiretual allows collaboration of team members and the hiring manager at one platform by sharing a project where the hiring manager able to comment and move the existing candidates. Hiretual shares the candidate search result to rate as a good fit or not a fit and once weighed, it will retrieve candidates that are a good fit as per the open role. Hiretual now can integrate with Gmail or Office 365 / Outlook which allows sending emails directly from hiretual, quickly reach out to multiple candidates and one can also view that if the email is opened or a link given in an email is clicked by the candidate. Hiretual premium users now can easily export candidate details from hiretual includes contact information. Hiretual allows you to nurture track contacting multiple candidates combining email templates and campaigns and automate your follow up to keep candidates on top that don’t respond. Hiretual now can customize the number and title of the project stages according to the company, business unit requirement.

Why we use Hiretual?

Hiretual with its extensive, deep and high range of AI sourcing searches the talent from different places and niche websites (recruiters didn’t even know that such sites do exist) which could not be possible to find using LinkedIn. Hiretual AI search displays the top 50 best matched and ranked candidate lists which increase the recruiter’s effectiveness in sourcing and reduces the risk of missing best-fit candidates. Hiretual evaluates and pulls the most relevant data into candidate profile by its fusing machine learning algorithm and natural language processing. Hiretual is a huge time saver as its customer can find the right people matching skill criteria across more than 30 platforms covering 700 million professional public profiles on the web that helps in enhancing recruiter productivity efficiently.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry’s positive comments are that the Hiretual Advanced AI search enables you to search and source a large number of potential candidates and talent very easily and quickly. It matches the skills from the resumes and applicant forms based on an open role and shares the results in the talent pool database. Hiretual lets you search candidate or employee contact information along with social links and details. Hiretual builds a Boolean search string in a minute with a few clicks. Hiretual is the most reliable applicant tracking platform that truly partners with its client with a clear vision and goal to achieve the client’s objective. 

Needs Improvement

Hiretual needs to improve its ability to verify candidates’ contact details and sourcing platforms. Hiretual should allow and increase a greater number of applicants tracking system so that more potential candidates can be reached out and no one gets missed to apply on open opportunities. Hiretual ATS should give a quality check on its user experience as its login screen sometimes does not remember the sign in. Hiretual offers free email contacts (few) but it would be great if it can increase it more. Hiretual should increase its tutorials and training guide (step-by-step process) for users.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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