IContact Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

iContact is an automation email marketing app which allows user to create Newsletters, Surveys, RRS feeds, Social media posts. iContact comes with Autoresponder or triggered emails which helps in strengthen customer relationship by sharing relevant content and scheduling automated emails delivered over time. Autoresponder comes into play when iContact sends a welcome email when a user subscribe to your list. iContact app easily integrate with 3rd party apps like Twitter, WordPress and Facebook. One can do online surveys and also schedule social media activities with iContact. iContact has a wide range of prebuilt design library, responsive layouts and has option of HTML editor. With the feature of iContact A/B Tester, u can decide which portions of the audience are subjected to each test. iContact offers automation feature which gives user complete control over your campaign send times. Highest rated feature of iContact are E-commerce integration, CRM integration and high volume sending. iContact gives unlimited user option for each and every account. iContact user doesn’t need knowledge of HTML to create its content . iContact regularly sends tips to enhance communication with subscriber. iContact offers great customer support with live chat, phone and email. iContact comes with a high volume email marketing  at an affordbable price which every business or individual can afford.

Newer Innovation

iContact innovative features has empowered marketers to use email marketing tool  and makes them  smarter and more successful. iContact added a feature of photo editing which makes emails more beautiful , with iContact its very easy to connect 1000 of other online app. iContact provides automation for every user .iContact can also connect you to the social media by which u can expand your reach . iContact assure you with its reliability and better enhanced performance .iContact has a new look with its dashboard which keeps you up-to-date on the health of your campaigns. iContact has redesigned its contact interface to save and effort. iContact’s new automation triggers like opened and did not open, clicked or did not click options ensures that you are sending perfect timed messages and ensures it reaches to the right targeted audience. iContact is very effective and easy for email campaigns. iContact MessageBuilderTM offers more than hundred mobile friendly templates which allow filling with personalized text using drag and drop and can add brand colors with NO HTML coding required.

Why we use iContact?

iContact has user friendly and easy interface which helps in finding with well-labeled tabs, in app tool tips and comes with a sleek dashboard which displays key metrics email sends along with favorite saved templates. iContact is reliable and responsive platform. iContact allows to integrate favorite business tool with iContactplus Zapier which automatically synchronize w with any updated lists and contacts. iContact offers addition of unlimited users with no additional cost to every account. iContact include SpamcheckTM which ensures that every email should reach to the subscriber’s inbox. iContact has many innovative message format for mobile device with different template for its user. iContact has the technology which can delete any duplicate people from the contact list. iContact has fantastic support team which help its user to go through the platform in a easy manner. iContact enable you to combine your email campaigns and social networking on a single platform. iContact  clearly report with your user respond weather liked or shared . iContact is regularly updating its features  to stay current and updated in the market. iContact has a very ease to use user interface with innovative dashboard and photo editing tool makes your email more beautiful .iContact allows drag and drop and provides colour full themes . iContact excellent delivery makes it lead in the industry. iContact is a low cost solution for basic email marketing with multiple features in builted.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that iContact easy user interface helps in easy creating high volume emails and send it immediately. iContact dashboard helps in tracking how much emails has been send and how much are yet to send. iContact built-in theme is very helpful while creating email as well as it is easy to import email from a URL. iContact offers best options with its email editor drag and drop, photo editor which allows to crop, brighten, text or cool filters to any image. iContact has high competitive pricing in its business plan, one can easily start up with it as it also offers 30 days free trail without asking any payment. iContact templates library are easy to access, customize and looks very professional. iContact helps in saving time and resource with its automation feature.

Needs Improvement

iContact import feature should allow import contacts from Gmail or third party books, right now it does not allow you to do so. iContact has small image storage (5MB), it needs to be increase to have easy storages and access. iContact do not provides Google Analytics. iContact should have segmenting with some powerful tool like Mailchimp which will be more helpful. iContact should offer more flexibility in customization of templates as of now most of the templates offers sales market and it is quite difficult to modify it to event promotion teamplates. iContact basic plan do not offers creation of landing page although it offers lot of features in its basic, it would be good if we can have little more feature with low cost.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the email marketing industry are Marleto, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Salesforce marketing cloud, Pardot, Campaigner, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Sendinblue, TractionNext.