Indeed-Pros and Cons

General Features
Indeed is a job search engine built for both employers and job seekers. It provides three options by which companies can post their jobs: free job posting, sponsored job posting, large scale hiring. Candidates can browse jobs by positions or location on the Indeed search bar. They can further narrow down search result by job type, salary, company, location, distance and experience level. It also provides filter for employer to sort candidates by certain criteria.
Candidate screening let employers to add questions to ensure that the candidates they consider inviting for an interview have the qualifications they require. Candidate assessments let employers to add questions to ensure that the candidates they consider inviting for an interview have the skills they require. Indeed send a job notification via email to job seekers when a new job is posted. This helps them to grab opportunity quickly. It provides a built-in online resume builder for job seekers to easily create their resume.
Indeed is a job search engine that aggregates job listings from multiple sources across the internet like job boards, company career sites and recruiter listings. This create lots of opportunity for job seekers. Indeed applicant tracking systems helps optimize the hiring process and make the right hires faster. It also improves the job seeker experience. Indeed is a mobile optimized application that let you post, manage, apply jobs while you are on the go.
Other Features
Indeed Job posts that are created with the free job posting option will appear in the website’s search results page based on relevance. Employers can integrate their own recruitment system with Indeed and easily determine whether or not a specific job posting should be sponsored. This makes hiring more efficient. Sponsored jobs are highlighted jobs to attract more qualified candidates. The great thing about sponsored job is, companies need to pay Indeed only when a visitor clicks on their sponsored job listing. Every employer with jobs on Indeed automatically has a company page where they can add company information, photos, a logo and more.
Indeed talent database helps you to find and filter through millions of resumes to get the best matches for your job posts. It will also automatically search for relevant job based on your skills and qualification. This can save a lot of time you spend for a job search. Indeed let job seekers make a resume private so it’s only accessible by the employers they contact. To minimize fraudulent job postings, employers are sent through an identity verification process.
Why use it?
By posting your jobs on Indeed, you are reaching a large and varied candidate base. Indeed offers free job posting to make hiring process cost-effective. It offers businesses the ability to create a company page for free where you can add company logo, company information, photos and more. Indeed offers mobile application that allow job seekers and employers to access their accounts anytime anywhere.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comments that Indeed is an easy to use application that let you filter jobs by area and cities. Indeed interviews the candidate with questions before the resume is even sent to the employer and thus makes hiring process easy.
Customers says that the dashboard keeps all their candidates in one place, make it easy to review candidates resumes without having to open another tab. This helps companies to integrate their own employment system with Indeed. With this technique, employers can easily determine whether or not a specific job posting should be sponsored to make hiring more efficient. Job posting is free and it makes hiring new talents very easy. Resume filter tool helps employers find out best candidate for their job post.
Needs Improvement
Customers comment that Indeed job search results are sometimes inaccurate and shows some unwanted job post. They cannot save two resumes in one account. Sometimes they need another resume to search part-time job on weekend too, for that they have to upload resume every time. Also, some jobs on job openings list don’t exist anymore. Such jobs should remove from job openings list as soon as that position is filled.
Similar Products in Industry
Other job-board software products available in market are LinkedIn Job Search, Glassdoor, Snaga job, Idealist, Angel List, Handshake, Co-hire,, Simply Hired, Talent Zoo etc.