Ink Scape-Pros and Cons

General Information

Inkscape comes with a graphics editing tool, as well as the ability to draw in 2D quality with very quality. Furthermore, the software also has open code, is able to convert bitmap images into vectors, and is also integrated with a free and open source vector graphic editor.

Inkscape also comes with an integrated tool referred to as Boolean Operations, as well as the ability to export/import many different types of files. Furthermore, group projects are also possible to be carried out with the software, as well as the ability of rotating copies and mirror symmetry. Inkscape also provides its users with path insetting and outsetting.

Newer Innovations in the Inkscape

The software comes with a complex Bitmap tracking, alongside multiple different drawing tools which have been recently integrated. Inkscape also provides centreline tracking, as well as new PNG export options.

The software was recently integrated with canvas rotation and mirroring, as well as the ability to control width of PowerStroke with a graphics tablet.

Inkscape also was recently updated with on-canvas alignment of objects, and terming support.

Why we use Inkscape

The software could potentially be an advantage for businesses due to it having the ability connecting all catalog and product information. Inkscape also often meets the expectations of different shoppers, which overall convinces users.

Furthermore, the software gives insight and analysis on understanding buyer intent and predicting what to offer, as well as the ability to streamline the shopping service.

Industry Positive Comments

Inkscape has some of the users comment positively on it being compatible for different platforms, which allows easier access, as well as the software not coming with too much complexity to run. It also supports multiple file formats available for users and comes with constant updates, providing to the community with unanswered questions. Inkscape also comes with a responsive help tab.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in different high-res work, which often causes the software to lag and freeze. Inkscape also doesn’t according to the users keep up with the users’ desires with different designs, as well as it coming with a poor amount of formatting options. Furthermore, the software comes with many limitations in the use of tools, as well as compatibility issues.

Similar Products in the Industry

Inkscape has multiple variables and competitors in the market, some of which including Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDRAW, Affinity Designer, Gravit Designer, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat DC, PDFelement, Canva and Clip Studio Paint.